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Frontline Scotland
Frontline Scotland is BBC Scotland's investigative current affairs programme broadcast on Tuesday nights.

Live and archived programmes from the current series are available here, along with details of forthcoming Frontline exclusives.

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Newspaper cutting

The Great Scottish Charity Scam

In the first programme of the new series, Samantha Poling goes on the trail of Tony Freeman, the man behind the biggest charity scandal in Scotland.

He took millons in donations which should have gone to charities to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Frontline Scotland speaks to the people who blew the whistle on him but were ignored.

The programme was broadcast at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 14 October.

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Glasgow housing

Slumming it

Millions of pounds of taxpayers' money have been poured into transferring Glasgow's council housing stock to a new housing association.

The aim is to revitalise public sector housing in the city.

So far, the scheme has cost four times as much as the Scottish Parliament building project.

In the programme broadcast at 2130 BST on Tuesday, 21 October, Frontline Scotland's Ross McWilliam asks if changes are being delivered.

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Ticket to Nowhere

The promise of cut price holidays for life and luxury accommodation could be too good to be true for some unlucky people.

Samantha Poling investigates the latest craze of holiday clubs taking the world by storm.

Secret footage reveals the high pressure sales tactics used by a Scottish company to persuade punters to part with their cash for a transatlantic dream.

This programme was broadcast at 2235 GMT on 28 October.

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On the Trail of the Whisky Bandits

It's Scotland's best known export, worth billions to the economy, but Scotch also earns millions for thieves, smugglers and counterfeiters.

Frontline Scotland's Ross McWilliam goes on the trail of the whisky bandits.

Along the way, he encounters a bootlegger with his own "Scotch" made in Shropshire, a deal with a Delhi crime boss who can counterfeit thousands of bottles of whisky and he gets a unique glimpse inside a remote Burmese market where all the top brands are faked and sold in huge quantities.

This programme will be broadcast at 2235 GMT on 4 November.

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Pregnant woman

Baby Love

As the Scottish Executive prepares to publish its long-awaited strategy on sexual health, Frontline Scotland goes to Dundee, the teenage pregnancy capital of western Europe.

The government wants to reduce teenage pregnancies by 20% over the next six years, so what insights can two young mums, Maxine and Michelle, offer into the world of teenage sex and motherhood?

This programme was broadcast at 2235 GMT on 11 November.

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Scotland's Wake-up Call

Love them or loathe them, call centres are big business.

Regarded by some as the saviour of the Scottish economy, the number of call centres in Scotland has doubled over the last few years.

Yet some companies are heading east in search of cheaper labour and bigger profits

So it's goodbye Bishopbriggs and hello Bangalore as Frontline Scotland's Samantha Poling follows a Glaswegian mother as she travels to India to help educate call centre workers in the finer points of Scots culture.

This programme was broadcast at 1900 GMT on 4 February.

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Have you ever had your drink spiked?

Recent campaigns have warned of a dangerous new trend in drug rape but just how common is it?

Frontline Scotland's Samantha Poling investigates the truth behind the headlines and meets three women who say they were drug raped but found it impossible to prove.

This programme was broadcast at 2305 GMT on Monday, 16 February.

Please note that some viewers may find the content of this programme disturbing.

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Wheels of Misfortune

Getting a good deal on your second hand card could cost you your life.

A recent RAC report showed that one in four cars inspected on forecourts was dangerously unroadworthy.

Frontline Scotland's Ross McWilliam goes out with the enforcers catching dodgy dealers selling dangerous cars.

And we meet buyers who drove away bargains that could have killed.

This programme was transmitted at 1900 GMT on Wednesday, 25 February.

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Loathe thy Neighbour

Nuisance neighbours are making life hell in many homes across Scotland, according to First Minister Jack McConnell.

As new anti-social behaviour measures are pushed through the Scottish Parliament, Frontline Scotland reveals that many local authorities are not using existing powers to tackle the problem.

Please note that some words in this programme may be unsuitable for children.

This programme was transmitted at 1900 GMT on 17 March.

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