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Ethical consumers 'being let down'
Scottish shoppers are keen to be socially responsible
Scottish consumers cannot put their money where their morals are because there is a lack of information about company practices, a new poll has said.

The research suggests that Scots shoppers are more ethically motivated than others in the UK and the most enthusiastic about new regulation.

Scots also have the highest expectations about improved labelling.

But according to the think tank which commissioned the poll, ethical consumers are being let down.

Clearer labelling

The Social Market Foundation said that although Scots have good intentions they do not have the information to make proper judgements.

The research showed that 86% of Scots consumers prefer to purchase goods and services from companies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Scots are also most enthusiastic about new government regulation (40%) and have the highest expectations of business to improve its labelling (76%).

The study said that consumers want more government action and clearer labelling on products.

They also supported tax breaks for firms who make the grade and those that do not should be named and shamed, survey respondents said.

The think tank said that until things change the good intentions of many Scottish shoppers will come to nothing.

The poll of 2344 people was conducted by YouGov from 13-15 August 2003.

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