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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 August, 2003, 05:27 GMT 06:27 UK
Warning over forest fires
Helicopter tackles forest fire
The public are being asked not to burn anything outdoors
Fire chiefs have warned that Scotland could face more forest fires as a result of the current high temperatures.

They have issued an appeal to the public to help them avoid a repeat of the devastation which engulfed parts of Europe earlier this month.

Scotland suffered several devastating fires earlier this year with parts of the Ardnamurchan peninsula on the west coast alight for more than five days.

Another case took about 1,200 members of the Highland brigade nearly two weeks to control an outbreak in Lochaber.

Fire chiefs said that the current heat wave has brought a new threat to large areas of Scotland, with dry ground and vegetation ripe for ignition.

The public is being urged not to burn anything outdoors in the tinderbox conditions.

BBC Scotland's Jackie O'Brien
"The current heatwave has brought a new threat to Scotland"

No let-up in Europe heatwave
06 Aug 03  |  Europe


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