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Last Updated: Sunday, 14 September, 2003, 12:04 GMT 13:04 UK
Sir Sean's voice to lift Holyrood
Sean Connery
Sir Sean: Voice could greet visitors
Sir Sean Connery's distinctive voice could give visitors to the new Scottish Parliament building a lift.

The Edinburgh-born former James Bond has offered his voice to be used in the elevators at the new Holyrood site in the Scottish capital.

The controversial Holyrood project has cost 375m so far and is currently more than two years behind schedule.

The actor, who is a supporter of the Scottish National Party, recently made a visit to the site of the new parliament at the bottom of Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

Fun idea

Sir Sean had already agreed with Holyrood's Presiding Officer George Reid to help promote the parliament at its opening next year.

But during his visit earlier this month, Sir Sean and Mr Reid came up with the idea of using the 73-year-old actor's voice for the parliamentary elevators.

A spokesman for the Scottish Parliament said: "Since Sir Sean visited Holyrood there have been discussions outlining one or two ideas for his future involvement with the building, possibly in relation to visitor facilities as there's likely to be a huge interest in the building when it opens.

"His voice in lifts is a fun idea. It might just happen. Who knows, Never Say Never Again."

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