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Last Updated: Saturday, 26 July, 2003, 11:26 GMT 12:26 UK
Tornado spotted in Scotland
Experts say the sight is not too uncommon
A woman has spoken of her amazement at watching a tornado as it approached her house.

Ivy-May McIntosh, from Scone near Perth, had been considering hanging out her washing when a sudden storm came down over the village.

Moments later the 56-year-old spotted a "swirling twister" which was later identified by an expert as a small tornado.

The quick-thinking administrator grabbed a camera and snapped several images of the phenomenon, before telephoning her sceptical husband, Willie, to tell him the news.

Mrs McIntosh said: "I had been considering hanging out the washing and it suddenly starting chucking it down.

"Then I spotted the tornado. I just grabbed the digital camera and started taking pictures.

"Nothing could describe seeing it for real, though. The sky was dark, and the top of it was even darker, swirling within itself. You could feel the power."

The tornado is said to have lasted for several minutes

She added: "I've seen twisters in America on the telly before, but you never expect to see it coming towards your house."

Mrs McIntosh phoned her husband and joked that it may be the last time he ever spoke to her.

She said the phenomenon lasted for several minutes before disappearing.

Norman Pedgrift, who runs a Met Office station near Perth said the sighting of small tornados in Scotland was not too uncommon.

He confirmed: "It is a miniature tornado."

The UK is said to experience an estimated 26 tornadoes on land each year.

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