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Miniature pony born on farm
Little Denburn is small enough to fit in his owner's arms
A breeder has told of his astonishment after a Shetland pony was born measuring just 18in tall.

Little Denburn Fairley is thought to be one of the smallest miniature Shetland ponies born in Scotland - and is certainly the tiniest his owner in Aberdeen has ever seen.

Denburn, named after Denburn farm where he was born, is eventually expected to grow to about to a full height of 29in.

David Reid, the pony's owner, is delighted with the new addition to his farm.

He said: "He is so well put together - he's sturdy, straight and correct. It's such a pleasure to breed something like that.

"He really is a tiny foal and to breed something that small and correct is very difficult."

The pony will eventually grow as high as 29in
He added: "Miniature Shetlands are beautiful animals to look at, and unusual because they are so small.

"Normal Shetlands are usually over 34in - these ones are all below 34in. They are just a joy to be with."

Mr Reid expects the foal to eventually be used as a breeding stallion.

Some miniature Shetlands have been used as a substitute "guide dog", helping poorly-sighted owners find their way.

The ponies are slightly bigger than dogs but still small enough to fit in the back of a car.

They have far longer working lives than a labrador as well as greater strength, independence and a better memory.

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