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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 July, 2003, 10:42 GMT 11:42 UK
Mother finds baby twins dead
Aiden and Ciaran
Aiden and Ciaran (Picture: Paisley Daily Express)

A mother is grieving for her twin six-week-old boys after finding the infants lying lifeless in bed.

Lorraine Barr, 31, became hysterical when she and her 12-year-old daughter Adele discovered that twins Aiden and Ciaran had stopped breathing.

A neighbour ran to help when she heard Miss Barr's screams and found the grief-stricken mother in her living room, clutching one of the boys and sobbing: "My baby boy, my baby boy."

The infants were taken by ambulance to Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Lorraine was hysterical and she kept screaming 'what's happened? What did I do wrong?'
Sandra Kinloch
Lorraine Barr's neighbour
It is understood Miss Barr made the discovery when Adele said there appeared to be something wrong with one of the two seemingly sleeping infants at the family's flat in Ard Road, Kirklandneuk, Renfrew, on Tuesday morning.

Miss Barr's neighbour Sandra Kinloch, 22, who lives downstairs rushed to help when she heard the screams from above.

She told the Paisley Daily Express: "It was a devastating sight.

"Lorraine was hysterical and she kept screaming 'what's happened? What did I do wrong?'

"I just kept saying to her, 'nothing, it's not your fault'.

Royal Alexandra Hospital
The babies were taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital
"I took one of the babies from Adele and handed him to Lorraine.

"We phoned for an ambulance and called Lorraine's mum but even then we knew it was too late."

Miss Barr, Adele and her other son Murray, aged five, were being comforted by relatives and friends.

A relative said: "The boys were just perfect, they were beautiful little angels.

"Lorraine was so excited about being a mum again. what's happened to the twins is heartbreaking. A real tragedy.

"The family is all rallying round to support one another at this terrible time."

'Terrible double tragedy'

Ms Kinloch said: ""Lorraine was a doting mum. I often saw her out and about with the twins in their double buggy.

"I would help her out with the babies, just so she could have a bit of time to herself. This is such a terrible tragedy."

Post mortem examinations were being carried out to establish how the infants died.

Police, who were called to the scene, said there appeared to be no suspicious circumstances and described the deaths as a "terrible double tragedy".

The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths said that a twin faced a 49% higher risk of cot death than a single child.

Joyce Epstein, the foundation's director, said this was down to a number of factors including low birthweight, the chance of infection, which had been implicated in some cot deaths and genetic make-up.

In Scotland alone, 35 cot deaths were recorded in 2001.

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