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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 July, 2003, 13:04 GMT 14:04 UK
Salvage teams bid to remove fuel
The Jambo
The Jambo was carrying 3,500 tonnes of zinc ore
Operations have resumed to remove more than 80 tonnes of diesel from a freight vessel which sank off the west coast of Scotland.

Coastguards in Wester Ross have pumped 20 tonnes of diesel so far from MV Jambo, which hit rocks off the Summer Isles, near Loch Broom, last week.

Divers resumed their efforts to pump the 83 tonnes of fuel, now spoiled, from the Cypriot-registered vessel's tanker on to a tug vessel at first light on Saturday.

They said there was no serious environmental risk and that the operation would be completed in three days if the clement weather continues.

We haven't had any dead fish or birds turning up on shore so it's going very well so far
James Hannon,

About 11 coastguard, including four divers, and council staff are taking part in the operation, 15 miles north-west of Ullapool.

Some 600 metres of floating booms have been set up to prevent the spread of the diesel to nearby fish farms from the ship, which lies 60 metres below the surface.

Seven crew were rescued safely when the 1,200 tonne ship, which was carrying zinc concentrate from Dublin to Norway, ran aground.

The agency indicated pollution control measures would continue into next week before salvage operations to remove the cargo began.

A Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesman said there had been some fuel leakage but this had been mostly contained.

The Jambo
The boat disappeared beneath the waves in just four hours
James Hannon said: "We haven't had any dead fish or birds turning up on shore so it's going very well so far.

"Obviously conditions can change quite quickly but the weather reports for the next couple of days are fairly favourable.

"We have an environmental advisor on board helping us ensure the impact to the area is kept to a minimum. It's been a success so far."

Experts from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency have tested some of the cargo, which fell from the hatch covers into the water.

The cargo, which is a brown granular material that does not dissolve in water, is thought to be lying on the seabed but it is not known how much has escaped.

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