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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 May, 2003, 11:13 GMT 12:13 UK
Coalition deal: At-a-glance
Jack McConnell and Jim Wallace
Jack McConnell and Jim Wallace clinch the deal
The coalition deal struck between Labour and the Liberal Democrats to run Scotland over the next four years runs to 47 pages.

Only two of the 242 commitments in the Labour manifesto failed to make it into the final agreement.

The party was able to retain its hard line on youth crime - but had to give in to Lib Dem demands for the introduction of proportional representation at council level.

Here are some of the main commitments contained in the agreement.

  • The traditional first-part-the-post system will be replaced in time for the next council elections in 2007. A single transferable vote (STV) system of PR, which will create multi-member wards represented by three or four members, is planned

  • Parental orders will be introduced as part of Labour's plans to crack down on youth crime. The sentence for breaking a parental order will either be a fine or a community-based punishment - and even if the fine is not paid the parent will not be sent to jail in the first instance

  • The sale of spray paint to the under-16s will be banned

  • Fast-track youth courts will be introduced

  • School tests for five to 14-year-olds will be scrapped while also "simplifying and reducing assessment"

  • Class sizes will be reduced to 20 for maths and English in S1 and S2

  • Less formal teaching methods will be introduced in primary one

  • A total of 200 schools will be built or refurbished by 2006, rising to 300 by 2009

  • Teacher numbers will rise to 53,000 by 2007

  • Free eye and dental checks for all will be introduced before 2007

  • The recruitment of 12,000 new NHS nurses by 2007

  • Health trusts will be scrapped

  • Tolls will be abolished on the Skye Bridge - as long as the terms for buying back the structure are right

  • The number of households living in fuel poverty will be reduced by 30% by 2006

  • Local authorities given a target of recycling 25% of waste by 2006.

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