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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 May, 2003, 08:30 GMT 09:30 UK
Deal aims to save salmon stocks
The aim is to see salmon rivers recover

Scotland's dwindling stocks of wild salmon could be saved through a multi-million pound deal brokered by an Icelandic businessman.

The arrangement has been described as the most important conservation measure for 30 years.

It is hoped that the move will aid a major recovery for famous salmon rivers like the Tweed and the Dee.

For centuries, drift net fishermen in the north east of England have intercepted salmon migrating up the coast to Scottish rivers.

Under the new deal, many have agreed to give up their licences to catch the fish in return for compensation totalling about 3.5m.

The agreement will be of major benefit to the Tweed and the Dee where catches have been falling for decades.

Game angler

The buyout has been organised by the North Atlantic Salmon Fund.

It is headed by Orri Vigfusson, the owner of an Icelandic vodka factory and a passionate game angler.

The fund's UK organisation has persuaded landowners and groups with an interest in salmon fishing, as well as anglers from all over Britain, to contribute more than 2m.

The remainder of the cash will come from the government, which is anxious to reverse the decline in wild salmon numbers.

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