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Last Updated: Friday, 2 May, 2003, 16:07 GMT 17:07 UK
Holyrood set for 'craziness'
Rose Kane at SECC
Rosie Kane delivers her views
One of the five new Scottish Socialist MSPs has said she wants the Scottish Parliament to turn into a political version of TV's "Big Brother" series.

A euphoric Rosie Kane was speaking after becoming a Glasgow list MSP alongside her party leader Tommy Sheridan.

They will be joined in the parliament by Colin Fox, voted in in Lothians; Frances Curran in West of Scotland; Carolyn Leckie, Central Scotland and Rosemary Byrne in South of Scotland.

Referring to Holyrood, Ms Kane said: "I hope that the parliament is going to become a bit like the Big Brother house, and people are going to want to watch it to see what's happening.

We are going to mount a major campaign over the next four years that will engulf Scotland
Tommy Sheridan

"They're going to be amazed at all the madness and craziness that's going to happen in there.

"So this nervous and concerned person is now ready to get in there.

"I'm sick of standing outside, so I'm going to go in there, and by God, they're going to hear me.

"We're going to bring colour, imagination, all sorts of diversity and attitude."

Until Thursday, the mother of two teenage daughters was a youth worker in the Drumchapel area of Glasgow.

The new Big Brother house
Big Brother or Holyrood?

Last year she was on income support and only last week sheriff's officers took some of her wages in lieu of unpaid council tax.

She described her 48,228 MSP's salary as a "lottery win" even though half of it will go to her party in line with policy.

Basking in his party's election success, Mr Sheridan said: "We are going to mount a major campaign over the next four years that will engulf Scotland, and we warn the other parties that they ignore us at their peril.

"We are going to put socialism back on the agenda not just in Scotland but across Europe.

"We have given encouragement to the underdog, we have given hope to victims of injustice, those who still carry the torch of hope, justice and democracy.

"That flame is now burning brightly here in Scotland today."

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