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Last Updated: Friday, 18 April, 2003, 15:22 GMT 16:22 UK
Fire hydrant vandalism warning
Firefighters warned vandalism can endanger lives
Youngsters are putting lives at risk by vandalising fire hydrants, Strathclyde Fire Brigade has warned.

Vital water supplies in some areas of Glasgow have already been affected by a series of incidents of vandalism this Easter.

The fire brigade also warned damage to fire hydrants in Glasgow and Paisley, which causes water to be released gushing onto the streets, may cause flooding to property and risks serious road accidents.

A Strathclyde Fire Brigade spokesman said: "We have seen a recent increase in fire hydrant vandalism - particularly this week.

'Extremely irresponsible'

"We rely on the water supply from hydrants and this vandalism can endanger lives.

"The children themselves, as well as road users and pedestrians are also at risk from serious injury when water from hydrants is released."

Scottish Water is also liaising with the fire brigade in a bid to make youngsters aware of the dangers.

Steven Fraser, Scottish Water's networks manager, said: "Wrecking fire hydrants is extremely irresponsible and can have serious consequences.

"These actions can cause flooding which can lead to property damage and even road traffic accidents".

The warnings come at a time when water levels have been affected by the weather and fire crews have been battling with a series of fires in the countryside.

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