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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 May, 2003, 16:46 GMT 17:46 UK
Transplant baby airlifted
The baby was transferred from Yorkhill

A seriously ill baby has been flown from Glasgow to London for a life-saving liver transplant.

A Royal Navy helicopter was used to transfer the two-and-a-half-week-old infant from a helicopter pad close to Yorkhill Children's Hospital to London's Kings College Hospital for treatment.

King's College is the centre for liver transplantation in the UK and no facilities are currently available for such an operation in Scotland.

The hospital has specialised units for small children and takes patients with liver problems from all over the U.K.

On board the helicopter was the Royal Navy crew and a medical team from Yorkhill.

The baby was transported in an incubator, know as an ECMO, which maintains body temperature and oxygen levels for the duration of the flight.

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