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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 9 April, 2003, 12:18 GMT 13:18 UK
Export figures slump by 25%
A factory worker
Manufacturing accounts for more than half of Scotland's exports
Manufacturing exports from Scotland fell by a quarter in the last year, according to government figures.

The electronics sector saw the largest slump, while food and tobacco also experienced a significant drop.

The report said it was likely that economic uncertainty following the 11 September terror attacks on the United States had a "significant effect" on the figures.

The provisional estimates were published by the Scottish Executive on Wednesday.

They said that export sales fell by 24.9% in real terms in the manufacturing sector during 2002, dropping from 25bn to 18.8bn.

Food and tobacco

There was a decrease of 21.3% in current prices, from 18.6bn to 14.6bn.

The figures suggested a 38% drop in the electronics sector in current prices.

Food and tobacco fell by 19% , while paper, printing and publishing fell by 9%.

However, there was a 52% increase in sales of metal products and an 18% rise in transport equipment.

Current prices

The manufacturing sector accounted for 64% of all exports from Scotland in 2001.

The figures also showed a fall in exports during the last quarter of 2002.

The seasonally adjusted figure for the final three months of the year was 3.383bn in current prices, compared to 3.504bn in the previous quarter.

The electronics sector accounted for more than 1.4bn, representing 42% of that figure.

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