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Last Updated:  Monday, 31 March, 2003, 15:16 GMT 16:16 UK
Brief encounter for ticket thief
Partick Thistle logo
The club had to get new tickets printed
A teenage thief snatched 1,100 tickets for a Partick Thistle and Rangers fixture and threw them away, a court has heard.

Stephen Goldie, 16, broke into the club's Firhill Stadium, in Glasgow's Maryhill area, and stole a cardboard box lying on chief executive Alan Dick's desk.

But when he found the briefs worth 21,000, Goldie threw them into the air, not knowing what to do with them.

He admitted stealing the tickets for the club's Ibrox encounter against Rangers last year.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard Goldie, from Maryhill, took his chance after watching Mr Dick lock up the stadium at about midnight on 11 September, 2002.

Having no interest in football or any idea what to do with them, he simply threw them away
Derick Williamson,
defence lawyer
He smashed a window to get into the office and then fled the ground with the box.

When he discovered the tickets, Goldie launched the container into the air, causing them to scatter over the streets.

Derick Williamson, defending, said: "Having no interest in football or any idea what to do with them, he simply threw them away. He ultimately achieved nothing from this crime."

Sheriff Kenneth Mitchell joked that he could not have been a "Harry Wragg" - rhyming slang for fans of The Jags.

A shocked Mr Dick only found out about the theft when a postman handed him a bundle of tickets that he had found the following morning.

Embarrassed officials were then forced to call Rangers to get new briefs printed for the match just days later.

'Security nightmare'

They were issued in a different colour to stop anyone entering the stadium with one of the stolen tickets.

The court heard it was "a security nightmare" for Partick Thistle.

Goldie was caught when blood found on the broken window matched his DNA profile.

Mr Williamson said he had "carried out a complete nuisance escapade".

Mr Dick and the club refused to comment on the court case.

Another man, George Elvin, 33, also from Maryhill, pleaded guilty to the reset of two of the tickets.

Sheriff Mitchell deferred sentencing on both until next month for reports.

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