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Frontline Scotland
Frontline Scotland is BBC Scotland's investigative current affairs programme broadcast on Tuesday nights.

Live and archived programmes from the current series are available here, along with details of forthcoming Frontline exclusives.

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Stop Chewin' the Fat

Scotland is the sickest country in Europe and the Scottish Executive has launched a major campaign to improve the way we eat.

Frontline Scotland examines its likely success and looks at Finland's example.

Initiatives there, including free school meals for all children, have dramatically cut deaths from heart disease.

Ross McWilliam puts the 'food tsar' on the spot and asks if it is now time to stop chewin' the fat and take radical action

This programme was broadcast at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 17 June.

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Car window

Scared of the Kids?

In some parts of Scotland, youth crime has become a major problem and is the main issue many Scots want the Scottish Parliament to tackle.

Now millions of pounds will be spent to crack down on the so-called "ned culture".

Samantha Poling takes to the streets of Scotland's toughest estates for Frontline Scotland and asks: Just how scared should we be?

This programme was broadcast at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 10 June.

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Dishing the Dirt

Last year 1,800 patients died in Scotland from infections they received in hospital, which is equivalent to 36 Scots dying every week.

Frontline Scotland goes undercover to investigate the state of Scotland's hospitals.

Ross McWilliam examines the claim that doubling hospital cleaning could cut the high numbers of deaths.

This programme was broadcast at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 3 June.

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Situations Vacant

Health services in Scotland struggle for staff and the construction industry is desperate for skilled people.

Yet qualified doctors and engineers who sought asylum in Scotland are barred from working.

Frontline Scotland's Samantha Poling asks why the Home Office prefers asylum seekers to live on benefits than allow them to help fill our skills gaps.

This programme was broadcast at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 27 May.

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Sandy Mitchell

Left to Rot

For more than two years, five Britons have been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for bomb attacks allegedly related to the alcohol trade.

Scot Sandy Mitchell has been sentenced to death by beheading.

Families of the men have kept quiet in the hope that the UK Government will get the men out.

Now they speak openly to Frontline Scotland's Ross McWilliam about how they feel the Foreign Office has betrayed them and about their fears for the men's lives.

This programme was broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 1900 BST on 15 May.

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Trouble at the Tap

Scots on average pay more for their water than customers in England and get worse value for money.

We wanted our water kept in public hands but now we are falling behind the privatised industry in England.

Those monitoring Scotland's water industry admit it is in an appalling state and will get worse before it gets better.

Frontline Scotland's Samantha Poling investigates.

This programme was broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 2235 BST on 13 May.

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Anti-war mural

Up In Arms

Tens of thousands of people from all walks of life took to the streets of Scotland to protest against war in Iraq - but the conflict went ahead anyway.

Was it all a waste of time and effort?

Frontline Scotland followed supporters from both sides of the debate in the run-up to the Scottish elections.

Ross McWilliam asks: If the war has been won, has the argument against it been lost?

The programme was broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 2235 BST on 6 May.

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Eric Lipski

The Dying Game

The funeral industry has been urged to get its house in order following concerns from some bereaved relatives.

The families said they have had a raw deal from undertakers when arranging funerals for their loved ones.

The funeral industry in Scotland is worth an estimated 90m a year, with each individual service costing anywhere between 1,200 and 2,000.

A Frontline investigation broadcast on Tuesday reveals that a failure to appoint an independent regulatory body means customers have been losing out.

The programme was broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 2240 BST on 15 April.

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Playing God

The National Health Service is meant to treat us all equally but do some doctors and nurses have a problem when it comes to disabled patients?

Frontline Scotland uncovers evidence of discrimination against patients who cannot fight back.

Ross McWilliam talks to families from across the country who say that arrogant medical staff too often assume their children's lives are not worth living.

The programme was broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 2240 BST on 8 April.

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Secrets or Lies

Frontline Scotland returns with an investigation into the case of John Porteous.

At the age of 69 he was imprisoned for paedophile offences at a Quarrier's children's home in the 1960s and 1970s.

But was he the victim of a conspiracy?

Sam Poling examines whether some of the children he cared for made up false allegations against him in order to claim compensation and asks whether historical child abuse cases leave anyone who has ever worked with children open to accusations.

The first programme in the latest series was broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 2250 BST on 1 April.

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Frontline Scotland
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