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MP's sister stays in human shield
Annette Lamont
Annette Lamont opposes military action
The sister of a Labour MP has vowed to remain as a human shield throughout the bombing of Iraq.

Annette Lamont, from Edinburgh, who travelled to Baghdad last month, has promised to protect a grain silo near Baghdad which feeds hundreds of thousands of people.

Her brother, Aberdeen Central MP Frank Doran, has been one of the Labour MPs opposed to military action.

Speaking on BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme Ms Lamont, a mother of three, said most Iraqis appeared to have little idea of the magnitude of the US-led forces preparing to enter the country.

It will be an illegal war
Annette Lamont

However, she promised to remain defiant in her opposition to military action by US President George W Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

She said: "It's really hard to tell but I'm not sure that people really know what's coming.

"People are nervous and they know something is happening but I think they have no idea just how bad it's going to be."

Ms Lamont said that despite the imminent attack she has never considered going home and she was one of eight people acting as human shields.

'Just appalled'

She said: "It certainly doesn't seem at the moment like we're going to be able to stop a war but I think it's important that at least the people we've met know that not everybody in the west is like Bush and Blair.

"I'm just appalled that they are considering bombing these people and they should stand up and be counted and vote against Blair.

"It will be an illegal war, 46% of Iraqis are under 16. It will be a war on children."

Ms Lamont said she and the other people in the human shields had been "incredibly well received".

Frank Doran MP
Frank Doran MP is Ms Lamont's brother

She added that the Iraqi people have made a "clear distinction between the people of Britain and the government of Britain".

"They always say that they don't blame the people of Britain.

"They're very clear about the distinction because they know a lot of people in Britain don't support this war."

Ms Lamont took leave of absence from her job in the constituency office of Scottish Health Minister Malcolm Chisholm to travel to Iraq.

Her brother Frank Doran voted against the government in the Westminster vote on Iraq on Tuesday night.

But Mr Doran said he was not altogether happy with the action his sister is taking.

"Obviously I'm not very comfortable about the situation," he said.

"We had a talk before she went out. I made it clear I didn't think it was a very good idea, but she's a fairly strong individual and she knows what she's doing."

MP's sister in human shield
28 Feb 03 |  Scotland

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