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Rikki tells of brain disease
Rikki Fulton
Rikki Fulton: "You have to deal with it"
Comic legend Rikki Fulton has been speaking of his battle against the degenerative brain disease Alzheimer's.

Rikki told BBC Scotland that he finds having to confront the day-to-day effects of the condition a fearsome prospect.

"You think 'Oh my God, what's happened to me?', but you have to deal with it somehow," he said.

The comedian's wife Kate also revealed that it was two years before the family divulged the diagnosis to Rikki.

Kate admitted she had kept the truth of the condition from him until she read that the worst thing to do was not to tell sufferers.

One day at lunch Rikki was wondering what was wrong with him, and Kate told him: "Well darling you've got Alzheimer's."

Ricky and Kate Fulton
The couple aim to help understanding
However, the couple have not lost hope or their sense of humour and deal with the situation by looking for the brighter side.

Kate described the effects as being like a crossword puzzle, for which Rikki provides the clues and she has to work out a name or answer.

"Sometimes it can be fun, we laugh about Alzheimer's quite a lot," she added.

Rikki and Kate hope that by speaking about the effects of the disease they will help increase understanding of the condition.

More about the couple's life with Alzheimer's can be seen on 3 March on BBC One Scotland at 1930 GMT.



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