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Monday, 22 July, 2002, 19:38 GMT 20:38 UK
Frontline Scotland
Frontline graphic
Frontline Scotland is BBC Scotland's investigative current affairs programme broadcast on Tuesday nights.

Live and archived programmes from the current series, which began on 9 April, are available here, along with details of forthcoming Frontline exclusives.

You can contact the programme directly by sending an e-mail - click here

Running on Red

Drivers using red diesel are committing one of the biggest frauds in Scotland, according to Customs and Excise.

They say 450m a year in duty is lost to the Treasury through illegal use of the fuel.

However, officials are stepping up their campaign to combat the problem.

Ther programme on 11 June investigates the unfair advantage gained by the diesel cheats.

 Click here to watch the programme

Critical Condition

The Beatson Oncology Centre, once the UK's top cancer centre, was taken to the brink of collapse when four of its consultants resigned.

Now one man has been charged with helping the centre to win its own battle for survival.

Sam Poling talks to new director Adam Bryson about the major challenge he faces.

In the programme transmitted at 2300 BST on Tuesday, 4 June, Sam also speaks to the cancer patients who were left shattered by events at the centre.

War of Nerves

For 10 years, Farquhar Forbes has been fighting to prove that he was poisoned by chemicals in sheep dip.

He is struggling to sue the manufacturers who he accuses of being responsible for his crippling illness.

He also claims that ministers hid knowledge of the dangers of products, that are similar to nerve gas, from the farmers.

In the programme broadcast at 2235 BST on 28 May, Ross McWilliam looks at the case.

 Click here to watch the programme

Death at Deepcut

In March this year, 17 year-old Private James Collinson from Perth was found shot dead at an Army barracks in Deepcut, Surrey.

He was the fourth young soldier to die from gunshot wounds at the training base.

Last year, Geoff Gray was found with two bullet wounds to his head.

The Army said it was suicide, his parents believe there has been a cover-up.

The programme at 2235 BST on 21 May reports on how the families of both young men have joined forces to try to discover the real reasons behind their deaths in mysterious circumstances.

 Click here to watch the programme

A League of Their Own

Exactly what happened at the momentous meeting where Scottish football's 10 just men gave the Old Firm notice of their intent to quit the Scottish Premier League?

And what good or ill might ensue for Scottish football should the decision be implemented?

Ross McWilliam provides first-hand testimony about the former and assesses the consequences of the latter.

 Click here to watch the programme

Dial 999 For Emergency

Nuisance 999 calls in Scotland are on the increase.

Only one in 10 calls made to one Scottish police force is a genuine emergency.

Police, ambulance and fire services in Strathclyde have launched a drive to educate people about the correct use of the system.

But as emergency services continue to have to respond to non-essential calls, Frontline Scotland's Samantha Poling finds out how a nuisance is developing into a crisis.

 Click here to watch the programme

The Alain Baxter Story

Skier Alain Baxter won a bronze medal at the Olympics but was forced to give it up days later when a drugs test showed he had a banned substance in his system.

He said the substance must have been in a simple cold cure he had taken but the International Olympic Committee was unmoved.

As he prepares his appeal, Samantha Poling investigates for Frontline Scotland.

The programme on 30 April asks: is Baxter a cheat or the victim of an outdated drugs policy run by an organisation failing to keep up with the science?

 Click here to watch the programme

Pharaoh of the Glen

Mohamed al-Fayed , the controversial millionaire-owner of Harrods, is also the proud owner of a Highland castle and estate.

He has invested millions in it but he fears the Scottish Parliament's Land Reform Bill threatens its future.

In nearby Bonar Bridge, the unemployment rate is amongst the highest in the Highlands.

Some local people think it's time the politicians took drastic measures to give Scotland back to the Scots.

Ross McWilliam looks at the debate in the programme on 23 April.

 Click here to watch the programme

Gone Missing

For some people the attraction of walking out on their lives can prove too much.

More and more people are doing just that and twice as many men as women are trying to close the door on their past.

In Frontline Scotland on 16 April, Samantha Poling speaks to men who have left, including a solicitor who disappeared with his clients' money.

Alistair Liddle staged a Reggie Perrin-style disappearance and said he would have committed suicide if he had not escaped his high pressure life.

Experts blame the increasing number of disappearances on the pressure of modern living, financial troubles and mental breakdowns.

 Click here to watch the programme

True Confessions

Robert Brown was imprisoned for the murder of a woman in 1977.

But for the last 25 years he has claimed he was wrongfully convicted.

He alleges that the police forced him to confess to a murder he did not commit.

In the first programme of the new series, Ross McWilliam reveals new evidence that could finally prove that Robert Brown is innocent and that he is at the centre of Britain's longest miscarriage of justice.

 Click here to watch the programme

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