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Last Updated: Friday, 18 April, 2003, 13:08 GMT 14:08 UK
BBC Scotland - Politics On Air
BBC Scotland provides comprehensive coverage of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish business at Westminster. Click on the links to watch or listen.

Due to a technical problem, updated archives of programmes may not unavailable. We apologise for the omissions.

Click here for Scottish political news in brief.

Click here for details of timetables and agendas from the Scottish Parliament's website.

Election 2003 coverage is now under way across all of BBC Scotland's output.

As the campaign progresses, news bulletins and election specials on television, radio and online will provide viewers, listeners and users with the information they need.

Click here for details of key election programmes and interviews with party leaders.

Holyrood Live covers the Scottish Parliament's proceedings.

With commentary and analysis from BBC Scotland's political staff. Presented by Iain Macwhirter, the programme is broadcast at 1430 on Wednesday and Thursday.

 Latest programme Wednesday 26 March.

 Latest programme Thursday, 27 March.

Holyrood Live will return after the elections on Thursday 1 May.

Politics Tonight A daily chance to hear from the men and women who shape the policies that affect our lives.

Colin MacKay and Kit Fraser bring their political acumen to the previews and punditry of Scottish politics.

 Listen from 2205 weekdays.

The Politics Show The weekly hour-long programme on BBC1, starting 12 noon, covers Westminster and has 20 minutes of coverage of Scottish politics presented by Glenn Campbell from 1235.

 Latest programme Sunday 6 April.

Politics Scotland takes a hard look at the issues that matter in Scottish politics and is presented by Iain McWhirter. The programme is usually transmitted at 1905 on Fridays.

 Click here to watch

Scottish Questions is the monthly session at Westminster in which MPs put questions to ministers.

 Current programme, Tuesday 8 April.

The BBC produces a range of television and radio news and current affairs programmes.

  Click here for details.


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BBC Scotland - News On Air
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