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Parties backing anti-racism rally
An anti-discrimination poster outside a house (generic)
There is all-party support for the anti-racism rally
The four main political parties have joined forces to promote the issue of equality in Wales, in the assembly election campaign.

They will be giving cross-party support to an anti-racism rally in Cardiff Bay.

Labour are highlighting their record on equality, while Plaid Cymru will also launch a manifesto designed for people with learning difficulties.

The Conservatives will sign an equality declaration while the Liberal Democrats launch an equality mini-manifesto.

The rally outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay is organised by the anti-facist organisation Searchlight.

Plaid leader Ieuan Wyn Jones said: "I am very glad that all parties have agreed to make today 'Equality Day'.

"But as politicians we must make sure that the equality implications are considered, not just today, but every single day whenever policy decisions are being made."

He will later launch the party's "easy read manifesto" for people with learning disabilities, which has been written with advice from Mencap.

Liberal Democrat assembly leader Mike German said the party's commitment to equality was enshrined in its constitution and ran through its programme.

'Live in dignity'

"We want to build a fair, green future for Wales, and are campaigning hard to make it happen."

The party's mini-manifesto highlighted their proposals to promote equality, while equal rights and treatment in accessing public services in the Welsh language was another issue.

As well as his party joining anti-racism events at Cardiff Bay and Flint, Conservative Assembly leader Nick Bourne will sign a declaration in Aberystwyth which commits the party to promoting equality and tackling discrimination.

"There is no place in a modern, decent, tolerant society for the politics of hate and discrimination," he said.

"Welsh Conservatives believe that everyone has a right to live in dignity, find work, and access services regardless of gender, age, race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

Welsh Labour leader Rhodri Morgan said the party was "proud" of its strong record in promoting equality and opportunity for all, including the introducing the Race Equality Scheme and Equality Champions.

"Our vision is for a diverse and inclusive Wales where all our unique skills and abilities are able to flourish in a dynamic, 21st Century country.

"If Labour wins May's assembly election, equality will continue to be at the heart of all we do."

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