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Wednesday, 21 March

Boys, boys

posted by David | 0855 GMT |

Its victim described it as "Trident rage". A fall-out between two Welsh Labour MPs ended in what one described as violence.

Paul Flynn and Wayne David had what politicians call a full and frank discussion on BBC Wales's am.pm programme last week. Mr David wanted to upgrade Britain's nuclear weapons system, Mr Flynn did not.

There was some on-screen finger wagging between them, and a less than fraternal use of the word "comrade".

Mr Flynn has now used his website to reveal his version of what happened afterwards: "It was only an energetic forceful two-fingered prod - but it was violence.

"The peace loving Caerphilly MP Wayne David had a spasm of Trident rage on live TV. It was only finger wagging when we had an exchange of views on the am.pm programme on Wednesday. The thump came afterwards.

"For a fleeting moment, I contemplated reeling back in football style, rolling over squealing in pain, pathetically whimpering about assault on a PPC (poor pathetic cripple)."

A thump? Mr David says it was "a tap on the shoulder". At this rate, Don King will be trying to promote the re-match.

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