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Monday, 19 March

I don't believe it!

posted by David | 1415 GMT |

This must be more than a coincidence. Last month I reported Peter Hain's endorsement of upmarket Aga cookers, the secretary of state for Wales comparing their work unfavourably with the "second class" taste of food produced in electric ovens.

Now I learn that Aga are launching an electrical version of the cooker.

The new model is apparently 20% more energy-efficient than its predecessors, which will be good news for Mr Hain's claim to be the "red green" candidate for Labour's deputy leadership.

The carbon footprint of its current models has led some to question the eco-friendliness of users. Tory leader David Cameron has one at his constituency home, but apparently it is rarely turned on (the political equivalent, I guess, of smoking dope but not inhaling).

Mr Hain has been busy today, launching a new campaign website, with the celebrity support of actor Richard Wilson, best known for playing Victor Meldrew.

He's not just pitching for the grumpy old man vote, he's also using some of the websites really hip political dudes use to show how he's got his finger on the pulse.

The Hain name has now slipped into City of London slang. A survey by efinancialcareers.co.uk revealed that those lucky enough to receive a gargantuan bonus now describe them as "a Peter Hain" to reflect his criticism of such large payments.

The Neath MP has even launched his own blog. His first entry even manages to say something nice about George Bush, so it may be worth keeping an eye on.

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