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Wednesday, 07 March

Dial M for Mike

posted by David | 1115 BST |

If only some bright lawyer would serve an injunction on the media (and politicians) to ban us from reporting all the speculation swirling around about life after the Welsh assembly elections in May.

In the absence of legal action, I feel sort of obliged to join in. Mike German, who leads the six Liberal Democrats in the assembly, tells today's Western Mail.

"Our position [on joining a coalition] is the simplest of all the parties, and I don't think it's changed since the assembly was created. It is down to the people of Wales to vote as they see fit.

"If the people of Wales determine that there is no overall majority after May, we would work with other parties. We're not going to specify whom or whatever, because what matters to us is the extent of the number of our policies we could put into government."

That's so simple even I can (almost) understand it. It must have been a different Mike German who told the BBC last September: "I can tell you that if we don't get a change in the way we vote and get fair voting for local government, then it won't even be worth anyone picking up the phone".

Here's Peter Hain, the secretary of state for Wales and a senior figure in the Lib Dems' potential coalition partners, Labour: "Our Welsh manifesto will contain a commitment not to introduce proportional representation in local government."

For all the pre-election bluster, I rather suspect, should the political need arise, that won't stop Rhodri Morgan picking up the phone - or Mike German answering it.

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