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The Cornock coat of arms
Tradition - the Cornock coat of arms

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Wednesday, 7 February

Lions or laptops in the call for arms?

posted by David | 1115 GMT |

Much excitement in Cardiff Bay about the prospect of the Welsh assembly acquiring its own coat of arms. I really don't know how it's coped without one for so long.

The Presiding Officer, Lord Elis-Thomas of Nant Conwy, is in talks with the Prince of Wales and the College of Arms over the development of a coat of arms.

The former Plaid Cymru leader says he's excited about the prospect and would like the arms to be strongly influenced by key figures in Welsh history.

He told the Western Mail: "There are royal arms for Wales and there are the arms of the Prince of Wales, which incorporates the arms of the Princes of Gwynedd and the old princes of Wales.

"They are red and gold and are in the couchant position, as opposed to the Glyndwr arms, where the lions are rampant."

It is an interesting dilemma for an assembly that inhabits a modern building with design references to materials resonant with the history of Wales. Does it rely on historic influences for the arms or try to incorporate modern references?

Lions couchant or a microphone and laptop from the 21st century debating chamber? A miner's lamp or something to depict an AM's blog? Voters may have their own suggestions - please e-mail me your own.

There will be some who worry about the cost. Worry not. During the course of my research I discovered a very accessible coat of arms for my own family. The Cornock coat of arms pictured came in at a very reasonable 6.70. My sources may even do the assembly a discount for cash.

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