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Last Updated: Monday, 15 January 2007, 15:37 GMT
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Monday, 15 January

'Back of the net'

posted by David | 1520 GMT |

He has a ringside seat at the decline and fall of an empire.

After years of success, its leading figures are at odds over the organisation's future direction and spending plans.

The newspapers are full of reports of discord at the top. Others are standing by waiting to claim the crown.

There's growing speculation about the possible departure of the leader.

Peter Hain is a Chelsea fan. Away from the trials and troubles of Stamford Bridge, the secretary of state for Wales is preparing for the departure of Tony Blair and his deputy John Prescott.

Mr Hain has been giving a few clues about his manifesto for the deputy Labaour leadership. Fat cats beware.

The Neath MP believes top executives are paid too much, especially by comparison with lowly-paid staff. He is studying ways of limiting the gap between the highest and lowest earners.

I don't know how much the turnstile operator at Stamford Bridge gets but it is unlikely to be more than a fraction of Jose Mourinho's 5.2m a year.

Mr Hain, a Chelsea fan before it became fashionable, says in the register of MPs' interests: "I occasionally accept hospitality from SKY Sports to attend Chelsea Football Club for some of Chelsea's home matches."

I can't remember who owns SKY Sports but perhaps Mr Hain could discuss his plans to curb executive pay with them during half-time at Stamford Bridge.

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