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Monday, 8 January

Lib Dem cheeky girl

posted by David | 1515 BST |

You can't afford to take a day off in this job. Sadly, my Christmas break coincided with news breaking of an abortive coup in the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

Welsh Assembly Members Eleanor Burnham and Peter Black had apparently been gathering signatures to mount separate leadership challenges to Lembit Opik as leader of the Welsh Lib Dems.

This plotting took place before Mr Opik's valiant efforts to fill the nation's newspapers during that quietish news period between Christmas and the New Year with news of his romance with one of the Cheeky Girls.

Mrs Burnham told the Western Mail: "I decided to raise signatures for a leadership bid to raise my profile as a Welsh-speaking woman from north Wales. I was very pleased with the very positive response I got, collecting the 30 signatures needed in about 40 minutes.

"I decided not to go ahead with my leadership bid at the time after discussing it with leading party members, but I intend to stand at some point in the future."

Mr Opik has been warned.

P.S. It is now two months and one day since the leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh assembly Nick Bourne asked party bigwigs "urgently" to remove Peter Davies, father of MP David, from the Tories' list of approved candidates for the coming assembly elections. He's still on the list.

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