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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 May, 2005, 15:46 GMT 16:46 UK
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Wednesday 25 May

Slap happy

posted by David | 1745 BST |

Far be it for me as a humble hack to offer advice on the use of cliches, but I am tempted to buy Plaid Cymru a new thesaurus.

Here's the party's response to plans to allow the Welsh assembly to decide the future of smoking in public places. "The Health Improvement and Protection Bill," said parliamentary leader Elfyn Llwyd, "is a slap in the face for Wales."

Any student of Plaid Cymru press releases may get the impression that Wales is continually being slapped around. An internet search for "Plaid Cymru", "Wales" and "slap in the face" produces 78 results. (Try inserting "snub to Wales" and "Plaid Cymru" if you have more time).

Here's MEP Jill Evans on GM crops: "The decision of the UK government... is unforgivable - and a slap in the face for Welsh consumers."

Ms Evans again on one of her fellow Euro-MPs: "Mrs Kinnock's behaviour is a slap in the face for the Welsh people."

Former president Ieuan Wyn Jones on UK Government spending plans: "a slap in the face for Wales"; Plaid Cymru on the rejection of calls for St David's Day to be made a bank holiday: "another slap in the face for Wales".

And here's MP Adam Price on the Government's decision to downgrade the Wales Office - "a slap in the face for democracy''.

It is probably the fault of the media that Plaid Cymru try so hard to speak our language - or could this be the real "happy slapping" craze we hear so much about?


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