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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 May 2005, 18:01 GMT 19:01 UK
UK voters' panel: Alistair Quinn

Alistair Quinn
Name: Alistair Quinn
Age: 34
Lives: Kings Lynn
Works: IT
Original voting intention: Labour
Voted: Labour
In 10 words or less:
"Family man, small business owner trying to earn a living"

Overall it was quite an enthralling election night.

The early focus of Labour's election campaign seemed to have an impact on the way voting went.

Unfortunately that was not the case in Islington, where Labour held their two seats despite huge swings to the Liberal Democrats in Islington North and Islington South.

This threw everybody, and from then on there seemed to be a general feeling that it was going to benefit the Conservatives, which was a bit of a worry.

However I woke up this morning to hear the news that we're back with a new Labour government, and I'm very happy with that.

Unfortunately, I do feel it's time now that Tony Blair stands down as prime minister and leader of the Labour Party.

He should do this as early as he can in the first part of his term and let the strongest candidate within the party take over to strengthen Labour's campaign for the next term.

Your comments:

I'm glad the Tories didn't get in as well. I think Tony Blair should step down soon as he needs to realise that the Labour Party is bigger than his own ego. I didn't vote Labour because I think they've made a lot of mistakes like the war in Iraq, and tuition fees, which I think should never have been introduced. I think they should increase taxes on the very wealthy (steal Kennedy's policy perhaps) so they can get rid of some of the stealth taxes that keep proliferating.
David Trethewey, Cambridge, UK

My husband and I agree totally with you, Alistair. My husband, like you, is a family man with a small business. We feel that although Tony Blair has been a very good PM, you cannot deny that not every voter feels the same way. In order to succeed at the next election, Tony should stand down in good time for his replacement to establish him/herself. As for paying more tax. This is a point that really angers me. The electorate want excellent 'free' healthcare, excellent public facilities and free education to 21 and do not want to pay taxes to support it.
Kim Howell, Swansea, UK

As a small business owner, you like me, might as well get used to paying more tax... oops I mean national insurance.
Jim MacKenzie, Reading

I agree completely with Alistair Quinn. I'm glad there was a Labour victory and that the Conservatives did not make the recovery I had feared. However, it's clear that a great deal of the swing away from Labour was caused by people's personal mistrust of Tony Blair.

He's been a good Prime Minister, he's carried out a great many reforms to the benefit of the Nation and he's earned his place in history as the first Labour PM to win a third term. He should accept that legacy and stand down within the next year and be remembered as a great PM, not like Mrs Thatcher who went on to be her party's greatest liability.
Russell Baker, Wokingham, UK

To Russell Baker, Wokingham: I think TB has just shown himself to be your party's greatest liability. Alistair as a "small business owner trying to earn a living" how much easier do you think that will get under Labours prohibitive taxing, red tape and slowly failing economy?
Marc, Singapore ex UK

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