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Last Updated: Friday, 6 May 2005, 10:39 GMT 11:39 UK
Labour victory: Your reaction
Tony Blair
The Labour Party has won the 2005 general election, but with a greatly reduced majority.

This is a third page of your comments on Labour's victory in the general election.

The third page of your comments:

Blair won fair and square
Ian, Worcester, Worcestershire
I can't believe some of the comments on here. Obviously bitter twisted Tory voters. Wake up and smell the coffee - Blair won fair and square. The UK political system is perfectly watertight and has ensured stability and strong governments over the past decades.
Ian, Worcester, Worcestershire

A win for Labour, does not mean that the majority of the country thinks that they have done a good job! However, as Labour have won, should it now be time for Tony Blair to step down in favour of Gordon Brown - to at least give the British public a hope that things might change.
Rachael, Derby

Another defeat for democracy as we will be ruled by a government that only around 22% of the electorate voted for.
Alan, Bridport, England

I am amazed that so many people could put a cross against that party knowing they were voting that man back into office. How can they hold their heads up in public?
Liz Brandt, Hamble Hampshire

As a student I am worried - top-up fees, high house prices, taxes. When will there be any rewards for working my backside off over the last few years? Under this government in 5 years I will be still living with my parents and will be incredibly poor! So much for wanting to train to be a teacher to help people and to give something back - at this rate I will have nothing to give.

Congratulations to Mr Blair. For the last two elections I voted Green, but this time I voted Labour, because Tony Blair and his government removed the dictator Saddam from Iraq. I think most of the Iraqis who live in the UK voted for Mr Blair. Today we are happy to see Mr. Blair won this election.
Dr Bayan Alaraji, Merton, London

How can we continue to have an electoral system which fails to represent the proportion of the national electorate which supports each political party? We are now to be governed by a party which most of us didn't support in last night's vote; can this possibly be right?
Steve Long, Lewes

I was shocked by the abuse Jeremy Paxman hurled at George Galloway
Kaisra Khan, Loughborough
After a wonderful and interesting coverage of the election, I was shocked by the abuse Jeremy Paxman hurled at George Galloway. I am not happy for Paxman to continue to work for the BBC. He should be sacked forthwith!
Kaisra Khan, Loughborough

Jeremy Paxman accusing George Galloway of misogynistic racism disgusted me. Shame on Lammy too.
Tom Carroll, London

Galloway has proven in his last two interviews that his loose cannon gimmick is nothing more than a gimmick. His campaign against Oona King was nothing short of disgraceful.
Mark Adkiss, London

I was disgusted by the attack on George Galloway by Jeremy Paxman. Attacking Mr Galloway for the fact that the people of Tower Hamlets voted for him rather than a "black" woman - what on earth is going on?
Rakiya Farah, London

Tony Blair is still the only party leader I would trust to run this country
Phil Harvey, Telford, Shropshire
A great result for Tony Blair. Not everyone agrees with what happened over Iraq, but Tony Blair is still the only party leader I would trust to run this country.
Phil Harvey, Telford, Shropshire

Why don't the BBC results include the number of spoilt ballot papers? Another important way in which voters have been protesting about our lack of choice.
Chris Richards, London

The news of a Labour victory made me feel as though something grievous had happened to me personally. Another five years will cause the erosion of whatever feel good factor there is left in this country.
Mike Bevan, Barnstaple

What are the Scottish Conservatives doing wrong? I cannot believe they can get 33% of the vote UK wide and only get one seat in Scotland.
Andrew Johnston, Kirriemuir Scotland

I am so glad that Tony Blair and Labour got in again
Kelvin Nel, Romford
I am so glad that Tony Blair and Labour got in again. I think Tony Blair has done a good job, but he will only remain leader until the referendum on the EU constitution, which the anti-Europe public will reject, thus giving him the chance to resign on an issue of 'principle', so Gordon Brown, who is anti-Europe, would assume the PM role, and no face lost by either or 'deals' made to hand over!
Kelvin Nel, Romford

When nearly half the population does not vote, how can you serious claim this is democracy? This is a hollow win for Labour and a further nail in the coffin for the UK.
Gary Lister, Waltham

It's clear from the election map that more people voted Conservative than Labour. Yet the farcical seats system means that as Labour won so many tiny seats in London, they get in. Isn't it time to change the system to one that accurately reflects the desires of the whole country?
Chris Edwards, Didcot

Tony Blair was really the only choice and I am confident our economy can only benefit from his re-election. Iraq was the reason for his low majority but I still maintain that whoever had been in power would have chosen the same path.
Gill King, Norwich, Norfolk

Bring on proportional representation
Geoff Woodruff, Liverpool
Lets have true democracy where every vote counts. Bring on proportional representation.
Geoff Woodruff, Liverpool

I voted for Tony Blair because of his courageous stand on the war in Iraq.
Peter King, Bolton

None of the leading parties met their targets in this election. Perhaps the worst result was for the Conservative party who can now fool themselves that they do not need to reform. They will continue to drift clutching at headline grabbing issues rather than finding what they truly stand for.
D Nottle, Bedford

Once again, we have a government with the least number of votes of the population. Isn't it time we gave PR some serious consideration?
Jane Hatton, Hertfordshire

It's time for Mr Blair to finally listen to what we want, less spin, real action, withdrawal from Iraq and no further integration into Europe. At last there will be opportunity for a healthy opposition.
Wendy Sutherland, Aylesbury

I've been a life-long Labour supporter but have disagreed with the Party's stance on many issues
Anne, Derby
This is the result I hoped for. I've been a life-long Labour supporter but have disagreed with the Party's stance on many issues. I knew that by voting Lib Dem I would not be risking a Conservative success in my own area, but hope we will now see more robust opposition in parliament over the coming months.
Anne, Derby

This is the result I wanted: Labour stay in but are severely weakened. Hopefully this will stop some of the more extreme policies like tuition fees, ID cards and war on countries that don't actually threaten us. For the good of the country and the Labour Party, Tony Blair should step down within a year and hand over to Gordon Brown.
Neil Crane, Sudbury, Suffolk

A fair result and good to see a high turnout. The real winners were the yellows and greens.
John Dawson, UK

As a New Labour supporter, I do admit to being a bit jumpy especially after the Putney result where the Tories enjoyed an unexpected 7% swing, however I am absolutely delighted that Labour and Tony Blair are back with a historic third term. A workable majority of around 66 seats ensures that Labour will keep in close touch with the people it serves and represents. An excellent result for Britain!
Craig Stewart, Clydebank, Dunbartonshire

Two thirds of the country did "Not" vote for Labour
Jeremy Houghton, Sheffield
Two thirds of the country did "Not" vote for Labour and they still have a majority in Parliament and they wonder why there is voter apathy. The make up of the House of Commons does not reflect the will of the people - it reflects the clever manipulation of boundaries and the serious failings of the 'first past the post' voting system we are laughingly told is democratic.
Jeremy Houghton, Sheffield

Of those who voted, 36% chose Labour, so conversely 64% didn't - Mr. Blair would do well to remember this.
Alys Shale, Cheam, Surrey, England

An excellent result that rewards the tough decisions of office and strong leadership. Priority should be increasing provision of good quality social services.
Simon Andrews, Cromer, UK

Blair is proving to be more unpopular by the hour - George Galloway is right, he should resign sooner rather than later
Nick Brown, Reading UK

As a traditional Labour voter, I am delighted that their majority has been cut down. Perhaps now our PM will be forced to listen to the real issues and concerns of the people of Britain, which are represented by the elected Labour MPs.
Mark, Doncaster

Probably good for England, but I hope the Labour party has learned a lesson on their foreign policy.
Terje Lia, Kongsberg Norway

Why call it a democracy when the three main parties differ so little?
Ivan, London
If anybody thinks that there is a huge difference between the way this country would be under any of the three parties they're kidding themselves. Why call it a democracy when the three main parties differ so little and on such banal and insignificant areas of political life?
Ivan, London

Given that Mr Blair's justification for the war is that Iraq is a better place now, I look forward to him using this third term to force regime change in Zimbabwe and take action in Sudan against the atrocities being committed there.
Chris, Basingstoke, UK

I am really disappointed with the election in the UK. We asked Iraqis to risk their life in participating in the elections for a democratic state yet we seem unwilling to risk our comfort and complacency to get a more "clean" political stage. The public in the UK had an opportunity to send a "clear" message that it will accept to be misled and it did not voiced that loud enough. Things might be better for the sort term but I believe that the political life might take years to recover from the "devaluation" and that this will ultimately harm the UK.
Kagenia H, Greece

Tony Blair make no mistake this time the people has given a warning call to you so take heed listen to the votes next time you decide to go to war!
Gordon Lyew, Ladywood, Birmingham UK

Hope the job centres take on more staff - they're going to need them
Sarah Williams, Kent
Of course Labour will never promote proportional representation - just look at all the blue on the map. Looking forward to another 4 years of stealth taxes (who's the main beneficiary of minimum wage and re-assessment of council tax bands?). Hope the job centres take on more staff - they're going to need them.
Sarah Williams, Kent

Tony Blair has won the confidence of UK population. He can continue his policies now.
Syed Shah, Hull, UK

Two-thirds of the country vote against the government, and they have a majority! When will we see a democracy in this country?
John, Oldham, UK

Two thirds of the country did "NOT" vote for Labour and they still have a majority in Parliament and they wonder why there is voter apathy. The make up of the House of Commons does not reflect the will of the people - it reflects the clever manipulation of boundaries and the serious failings of the 'first past the post' voting system we are laughingly told is "democratic".
Jeremy Houghton, Sheffield, England

All three parties are as bad as each other
Lisa, Plymouth
We didn't have much of a choice really. All three parties are as bad as each other. When will we have the choice to voice our dissatisfaction with it all and have a box named 'none of the above' then we may have a better turn out!
Lisa, Plymouth

I think that we should put a "None of the above" box on all future ballot papers, I voted but I know a lot of people who did not vote in protest at the poor standard of all the parties' policies. The problem is how many seats would be won by the none of the above party?
Andy, Wilts, UK

God help us, taxes will rise, employment will fall further - four more years of this bunch and we will just be further in trouble.

There is one reason only why Labour won. Simply because nobody turned up at the polling station. Next time when they moan about the state of the country, these non-voters should be ignored as they do nothing about it. Why waste their time with them?
Kayleigh Collins, Crawley, West Sussex

In my eyes a result of one in three people wanting you back is not a win, but two in three people wanting you back is! Correct me if I am wrong but is that not right??? But hey, here's to handing over more taxes and getting absolutely nothing back in return.
Tristin Huq, Saltash, Cornwall

It is quite staggering, when you look at this morning's election results UK map, how much of the affluent southern half of the country is BLUE!! Yet we are stuck yet again with Labour, and more years of "grin and Blair it".
Roy Derrek, North Somerset

I suggest all hard working law abiding citizens go out and celebrate. Because after the next budget, you will no longer be able to afford to.
Russ, UK

What happens if you hold a general election and nobody votes? A third term of office for a political party (in this case Labour) commanding a mere 36% of the overall number of votes cast. That's not even 'the tyranny of the 51%'. And so it will continue: rising taxation, falling standards of living and failing schools and hospitals. Surely the time has come to end our cricket-match model of 'first-past-the-post' voting and adopt proportional representation as the basis of a modern European democracy.
Roger Bennett, Farnborough, Hants, UK

Please keep the British electoral system
Kenneth Heselwood, Brussels, Belgium
I'm happy with Mr Blair's victory. Please keep the British electoral system. Coalition governments like in Belgium or Holland are not good.
Kenneth Heselwood, Brussels, Belgium

It's high time for proportional representation. How dare Mr Blair say that the British people have given him a mandate to govern when more than 65 % of the voters voted against Labour. It's ridiculous.
Peter, Wimbledon

A reduced majority is a good thing for politics as it reflects better reality. On the other hand the perils of PR far outweigh the apparent 'fairness' as it easily leads to political stalemate as it has in Italy for 50 years.
Antonio, UK

As a nurse in the NHS, I dread another 5 years of this government. It will make me want to leave the NHS after 12 years and much experience. Labour has put more money in but never has so much been wasted. This is a very bad day and I fear the next five years with every cell in my body, disgraceful!
Matthew, Warwick

It's so depressing, none of the parties really deserved my vote. Labour are useless but still the best. Anyone for a major political overhaul?
Neil, Milton Keynes, England

Marvellous. Another 4 years of being hit by stealth tax after stealth tax meaning that we can't afford to have the child we would like, of staying in the house at night while the gangs of teenagers roam round our street tanked up on cider and shouting abuse at anyone who ventures out. Welcome back Mr Blair.
Vik, UK

High time for a 'none of the above' box on the ballot paper. There were lots of people voting Labour with a very heavy heart this time.
Philip Le Roux, Aldershot

If nearly two-thirds of all voters didn't vote for Labour, then voters didn't want a Labour government
Paul, Cradley Heath

A reduced majority might put an end to the untouchable attitude that seems to exude from this government
Catherine McGahey, Manchester
Perhaps the right party won, but at least a reduced majority might put an end to the untouchable attitude that seems to exude from this government. I'm disappointed that the Lib Dems haven't managed to capitalise fully on people's protest at Blair's leadership.
Catherine McGahey, Manchester

How can democracy allow an individual with the lowest share of the vote in modern history to form a government? Would proportional representation or compulsory voting have reflected a more balanced or fairer administration?
Bernard Cooper, Birmingham,

I didn't want Mr Blair to be elected but at least he doesn't have the huge majority that he once did. I just hope that the Conservative party look at the results and look for a new leader.
Alex Hood, Kent

Once again the British government is decided in Scotland and Wales, who already have their own devolved parliament. Let's devolve Westminster to England only, where the English can rule themselves in the same way the Scottish and Welsh are allowed to.
Natalie, Surrey

Let's hope that the Lib Dems become the official opposition next time
Elizabeth Jones, Salisbury
I am glad that Tony has had his wings clipped but so relieved that the Conservatives also learnt a lesson! Let's hope that the Lib Dems become the official opposition next time!
Elizabeth Jones, Salisbury

This result proves that England should have its own parliament like Scotland and Wales do. If England had its own parliament, we would have a new party governing England today.
David Brown, Northants

Obviously there was a protest vote against the Prime Minister himself rather than an outright condemnation of Labour's policies as a whole. Had Gordon Brown been at the helm, there might well have been another Labour landslide.
Colin Cumner, Adelaide, South Australia

I voted Conservative because I have a learning disability and had heard that Labour was going to axe the DLA. Every time I asked a Labour MP to help me, they don't want to know.
Tina Simpson, Swindon

The UK will only benefit from a government with a reduced majority
Emile Scheffel, British Columbia, Canada
Congratulations to Tony Blair and Labour for another strong win. The UK will only benefit from a government with a reduced majority and a stronger voice from opposition parties, especially the Lib Dems.
Emile Scheffel, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

People cannot simply base votes on one issue; all factors must be taken into account. Today's result shows that some people are still able to look at the whole picture. Well done Labour.
Tom, London

The numbers are very disturbing! 36.5% of the vote, or 22% of the electorate gets them an overall majority. To me, that means 78% of people who could've, didn't vote for them, and 63.5% of people who went and voted didn't want them. Where is the representation for all of those people?
Paul, Bracknell

The three main parties will be disappointed: the Conservatives have only 1% higher share of the vote than in 2001, the Lib Dems have not made a breakthrough and Labour have a reduced majority.
Martin Oldfield, Woodbridge, England

Thoroughly disappointed that Labour has won
Jai'me, London
Thoroughly disappointed that Labour has won. The world will interpret this as majority of the British supporting the Iraq war.
Jai'me, London

A great victory for Labour. To let the issue of the Iraq war decide the election would have been an unfair reflection on the achievements of the Labour government over the last two terms. Good luck Tony!
Andrew Murray, Aberdeen

Thank God for a Labour win! People have short memories, under the Tories there were no books for schools, the NHS was crumbling and mortgage rates were at 15%. Tony Blair is a man who stands by his decisions, he has difficult decisions to make every day, and he makes them for the good of this country.
Richard Thomas, Merthyr Tydfil Wales

Glad to see Labour's majority reduced and the Lib Dems do better but would have loved to see Blair unseated and a hung Parliament
Simon Grant, Quorn, Loughborough

Labour's win is a poisoned chalice
John, France
Labour's win is a poisoned chalice. They have bubbled along spending the Tory treasure chest. It is now all but empty. Now Labour will have to pay its way by increasing taxation in their usual 'tax and spend' way.
John, France

Not an entirely unexpected result, but I'm very pleased that the Labour majority is so reduced. Maybe now they'll find it a lot more difficult to pass through illiberal legislation, particularly given the increased presence of Liberal Democrats about which I'm very happy indeed. Now, if they can just keep their 1997 promise to bring in proportional representation.
Allie, Sutton, UK.

The only way is up! Income Tax, fuel-duties, crime, failing education, immigration etc. More of the last two terms I feel/fear.
Dave, Guildford

I'm very disappointed in this result. I had hoped for a stronger showing from the Conservatives after the way Tony Blair has treated the people of this country. However, if Blair had to be re-elected, I guess I should be glad it's with a much smaller majority.
Ryan Davie, Aberdeen, Scotland

Mandate? Not in the south east! This Government is not represented in the south east - even losing seats in inner London on a large swing to the Tories. A message has been sent to Blair - we south easterners have been disenfranchised by Labour, we are fed up with supporting the north, Wales and Scotland via our massive, disproportionate tax bills whilst getting nothing in return except the misery of high density redevelopment.
Bill, Berks England

Labour has done many great things and made a few wrong choices
Nadia, Bedford
Congratulations to this country to have been able to overcome disagreement to see the essential: Labour has done many great things and made a few wrong choices. As a French person, I do not think anybody will even think of comparing Blair and Bush as I have read in this section. There is a world of humanity and of intelligence between them.
Nadia, Bedford

I hope the Labour party realise this win is only a mandate to improve national health care, maintain and improve the economy, improve all our standards of living and expand upon our liberal British way of life. It is not a mandate to introduce ID cards, attack civil liberties and reduce our socially liberal way of life. Drop the neo-conservative baggage Mr Blair and get on with what we really want: a strong economy, free quality health care, firm but fair policing and more freedom.
David R, Plymouth UK

Now you have had your historic victory, it is time for you to go Mr Blair, Gordon Brown will restore the party's standing with the public and unite the party. I fear a back bench revolt as soon as possible which will leave you in a powerless position. You have had your time Mr Blair, now it is time for Gordon.
Peter Kirby, Barrow-in-Furness

Yeah - now you know how we feel.
Kris, Bloomsburg, PA USA

Labour may have won, but Blair has lost the hearts and mind of the majority of British public. I would like to thank the British for their vote, it shows they are peace loving and justice seeking nation. It is people like the British that make the world a better place
Ahmad Hmoud, Jordan

Four more years of Labour but probably the last four thank goodness. Good to see the centre right getting their act together, people will need this alternative once the recession bites and interest rates and taxes rise.
David, England

Despite all the Iraq comments, it is pretty obvious from the results that Iraq did not change the average voter's mind (with say the exception of Galloway's victory). A reduced majority was always on the cards. People voted for domestic policy.
Philip, South Wales

The first past the post system is an injustice
Sean Patrick MacLellan, London
Once again, we have a government elected with no clear mandate and I am effectively disenfranchised. Why does it take 23% of the electorate to secure 9% of the seats? And can anyone blame me if after 5 elections of accepting my civic responsibility, I decide not to bother? The first past the post system is an injustice and an infringement of the basic human right of being able to vote and have that vote counted!
Sean Patrick MacLellan, London

Surely it is time to revisit the notion of proportional representation. 36% of the vote and a majority of around 66 seats can not be good for this country.
Rob Broadhurst, Stone, Buckinghamshire

While pleased that Labour has been given a third term, I must wish for PR to be brought in, so that people such as my wife and I can feel our trip to the polling booths are not a waste of our time.
David Aston, Shepperton, Middlesex

You get what you vote for!
Denis Johnson, Dubai, UAE
Living abroad gives you a different perspective of the UK. Tony Blair, over 8 years, has made the country a laughing stock amongst all nationalities here in the Middle East. 66 stealth taxes, dirty hospitals, lousy public transport, a very expensive country in which to live etc etc. Many people ask why we still call ourselves "Great" Britain! But, after all, you get what you vote for!
Denis Johnson, Dubai, UAE

I'm glad that Labour won the election for third term. Michael Howard fought a dirty campaign and he has paid the price.
Gemma Hyde, Swindon

A sad day for hard working taxpayers and drivers. Labour are back in power so more of their nanny state attitude, more anti-car attitude and certainly more stealth taxes.
John Smith, Bedford, Bedfordshire

Labour were always going to be the victors in this election, which was not a happy thought for many people. With a newly reduced majority, let's hope politics will once again become interesting, and the government more accountable.
Rufus Thompson, Epsom

Four more years of rhetoric based on 'a strong popular mandate' of less than a quarter of the electorate. No wonder people don't bother voting when the results clearly can't reflect their views. Time for PR?
Tim, Fareham, Hampshire

Must be worrying for Howard - all he really did was shift votes from Labour to Lib Dem
Jon, Southsea
Must be worrying for Howard, despite a nasty campaign and the 'Iraq effect', all he really did was shift votes from Labour to Lib Dem. But the Lib Dems remain more of an opposition than the Conservatives. Howard must have come out of this weaker than any of the leaders.
Jon, Southsea

Is it just me or is George Galloway's instant personal attack on Tony Blair a sad indication that people should attempt to vote with their heads as opposed to their hearts? What positive influence will Galloway have on the government if all he is interested in doing is attacking the PM?
Dave, London

If, even with a massive vote of objection to the Iraq war, the Tory party still can't get anywhere near a victory, surely this means the virtual death of the Tory party as a real force in this country, and confirms the Liberals as the new emerging force and the Real Alternative
Simon Wellavize, Birmingham

Labour's stance on Iraq and the subsequent election of George Galloway over Oona King may well come back to haunt him. That's what he gets for doing so much to provoke Galloway, who is one of the few MPs who's not afraid to speak his mind. Galloway is like a breath of fresh air compared to most other MPs.
Karen, Edinburgh

It would be beneficial if Gordon Brown were to take the leadership of the Labour party
Jackie Dutler, Bournemouth, Dorset
The economy drives the success of the UK which owes its success to Gordon Brown. It would be beneficial if Gordon Brown were to take the leadership of the Labour party. I also hope that environmental issues are at the forefront on a local level.
Jackie Dutler, Bournemouth, Dorset

I am very concerned about this election. What happened to international issues that affect Britain's wealth, security and stability? Issues such as the EU and the Euro were barely discussed, yet the outcome will surely directly affect the lives and choices of every Briton.
Chris, Broadstairs, Kent

I am glad Tony Blair has done it again. People are too harsh on him about the war. My husband is in the army, and I'd hate for him to be in Iraq, but isn't it clear that something needed doing?
Hannah, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire

Oh great. Now I'll have to be taxed even more to support those who sit at home and breed huge families, whilst I can only afford to bring up one child.
Chris, Preston

Only the Lib Dems seem to have fired anyone up effectively
Les Higgins, Swindon
The real story of the election is that there are still a huge number of disengaged voters. Only the Lib Dems seem to have fired anyone up effectively. Labour's return is a bit like Thatcher's return - not the true will of the people, more an artefact of the system.
Les Higgins, Swindon

If Labour has won a victory then how come when you see the party's colours on a map of England there is not a lot of red there (roll on proportional representation). It does not seem fair that more than half the country voted for another party and still got Tony Blair.
Brenda Bone, Enfield

Another five years of being used as a cash-cow for people with children, my pension underperforming, the cost of living soaring at four times the rate of my salary, paying too much tax, watching helplessly as my car is smashed up by a group of thugs who are too young to be prosecuted, watching more and more immigrants come into the country and then, just when I think it can't get any worse, he's handing over to Gordon Brown!
Mr M. Thompson, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Keeping the political landscape on the left. Still a struggle against centuries of right wing politics in this country. We are now a left wing country where social justice equality is the theme. A long way to go but Tony Blair has got it right in moving us left and keeping the guiding principles of the left as a vision for the longer term.
Tim Richards, Huddersfield, England

I am very pleased that the Tories did not go into meltdown, and did make some progress. But please, let's take stock, let a new leader be groomed on the front bench under Howard's guidance, and let them fight the next election from a more right of centre agenda.
Richard Thomas, Newnham, Gloucestershire

Hopefully Tony will start looking after the genuine people of the UK whose contributions maintain the lifestyle of the non-contributors.
Mr E Brewis, Amble, Northumberland

Tony Blair has done more good for our country
Carl, Hyde
Maybe Blair did make a mistake on Iraq but I think we should all be thankful that Saddam Hussein has been removed before he did anymore damage. Tony Blair has done more good for our country.
Carl, Hyde

This result proves the UK has an ever increasingly wishy-washy electorate. Just because they see a Prime Minister taking a difficult decision, they mark him as strong, regardless of whether that decision was right or wrong.
Boris, Kuwait

Great result for Labour. Why is everyone saying it was a bad night for Labour? If they had won by this margin in 1997 we would have been saying it was a clear victory.
Daniel Wilson, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

I can't believe that the Tories are still moaning about the first past the post system. They didn't moan when Margaret Thatcher used it to win, and they wouldn't be moaning if Michael Howard had won.
Mike Bennett, Redditch

Less than 25% of the electorate voted for Labour - what sort of mandate is that?
Ken, Guildford
Less than 25% of the electorate voted for Labour - what sort of mandate is that? Only the ridiculous electoral system has saved them.
Ken, Guildford

We can only hope that Blair does what has been predicted and stands aside for Gordon Brown at the earliest opportunity. It was probably inevitable that Labour would win - the distrust for Blair is probably less than the distrust for Mr Howard. But there is a large number of people that do distrust Mr Blair too.
Paul, Warwick, UK

Congratulations to the Labour party on their third term win. However, my greatest fear is that the swing to the right is a racial thing. Does anyone really believe that the world would be a better place with Saddam still in power? Things are not ideal and the actually background to going to war was not perfect. I'd like to know what in life is perfect.
Suzanne Richmond, Uxbridge Middx

I made a promise - such was my total rejection of the Iraq War - that if the British voted Blair back in, I would change my nationality in disgust. I have lived outside the country for 24 years. I shall keep my promise
Martin M, Granada Spain

Thanks goodness for a Labour win - I actually had nightmares last night about Michael Howard being in charge of this country! Tony Blair has done a difficult job very well in adverse circumstances. Short memories abound over Iraq. I was involved in the first conflict and well remember people verbally attacking both the British and American governments for not removing Saddam Hussein at the time. We find ourselves a leader who has the courage to stand up and be counted and now some of those very same people are attacking him for it.
Wendy Milford, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Although gutted about the result, I can take heart that last night was a major step towards a Conservative recovery. The recession that many have said is inevitable within the period of this new Parliament will hit Labour hard and likely lead to a Tory landslide in 2009!
Chris Blore, Billericay, England

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