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Last Updated: Friday, 6 May 2005, 13:03 GMT 14:03 UK
Labour victory: Your reaction
Tony Blair
The Labour Party has won the 2005 general election, but with a greatly reduced majority.

This is a second page of your comments on Labour's victory in the general election.

The second page of your comments:

I wanted Labour to win but with their wings clipped
Mike, Ilford
Just the right result for me. I wanted Labour to win but with their wings clipped. They have become arrogant, just like the Tories in their glory days. I voted tactically to ensure I do my bit to reduce Labour majority. I was determined not to forget about tuition fees top-up despite manifesto and Iraq war. I hope all parties learn important lesson from this result, that if you ignore people after election they will ignore you at the next election.
Mike, Ilford

I think results reflect people's unease at the war and Blair's presidential style. But also show a support for most of Labour's domestic policies. After all we are voting for parties not their leaders. The Lib Dem increase is healthy for parliament. I am just relieved did not wake up to Mr. Howard in No 10 - remember the poll tax applied to Scotland first and 15% mortgage rates.
James, Glasgow

A third term for Labour means that when the wheels fall off the economy - there will be no one else to blame.
Rob Hustwayte, Peterborough

Landslide victories are a thing of the past
Matt Horobin, Sydney, Australia
Tony Blair should see this as a vote of confidence. Yes, his win is less convincing but society is fast fragmenting and diversifying. Landslide victories are a thing of the past.
Matt Horobin, Sydney, Australia

Well, the lazy, unimaginative state-dependent section of society win again. Unfortunately they'll soon find out that this Labour government has spent all our reserves and the next 5 years will be crippling taxes, recession and a lot of redundancy.
Sam, London

Well congratulations to anyone who could actually distinguish between Tory and Labour policies enough to choose between them! The Lib Dems seem to be the party who actually have some original and inspiring ideas. Shame on you, sometimes it's not better the devil you know!
Michelle, Gillingham, Kent

Let's face it - this government has no interest in proportional representation, it suits them the way it is. Now the world can laugh at us like they did America, less than half of the vote but still enough of a majority to do what they want.
Andrew, Lincoln

I'm glad he won! He's an intelligent man and a passionate leader. I feel safe knowing my country is in his hands.
Johanna, London, UK

We have our chance to make a difference in Europe and as head of the G8
Jonathan Grant, Lingfield, Surrey
Let's remember this historic third term as a time when New Labour started really focusing on the long term issue of the environment we have our chance to make a difference in Europe and as head of the G8.
Jonathan Grant, Lingfield, Surrey

The map shows a similar trend to elections in Canada. The cities vote left, the rural areas vote right wing. why? is it something to do with dependent and independent populations?
Paul Ralph, Victoria, BC, Canada

The old proverb "a country gets the government it deserves" certainly applies to this result. Blair tried to bring in a law that would have allowed the Home Secretary to place people under arrest. Does no one understand the deep implications of that? Turkeys voting for Christmas or what!
Harry Ryder, London

Tony Blair is a good man. He deserves this victory, and I am very proud to be British, knowing that we have Blair at number 10. He has made mistakes, but I believe they were honest mistakes. The fact still remains that he has only the best of intentions for our country, and I remain fully in support of him.
Ben Thomas, Hong Kong

Well Labour has done it again, but a word of warning. The economy is on a downward spiral as high street sales plummet and more people lose their jobs. So much for the strong economy that the Labour party go on about
Duncan, Warlingham UK

This is not a mandate, and it should not be seen as one
Mark, Aldershot
This is not a mandate, and it should not be seen as one. Blair's party has taken a majority for the seats with some 36% of the votes. What stronger arguments are there for wholesale electoral reform? If any politician starts to bemoan 'voter apathy' then I hope that the interviewer asks them about their stance on reform as the electoral system is at the root.
Mark, Aldershot

So the people have chosen, or have they? Despite the fraud revealed in the postal ballot system in last year's local elections the Labour government didn't bother with an investigation. I suggest that this be looked into, and if there is any real doubt, this election should be declared null and void.
Simon Balfre, Surbiton, England

Well, it's the result we knew was going happen, even if we hoped otherwise (I'm a Tory). However I think Blair needs to understand he is only in power because of the flaws in the electoral system - FPTP (first past the post) - under PR he'd never have got in. It's a disgrace that in this country he can get 3% more of the vote than the Tories, yet have so many more seats. Oh well at least I can look forward to embracing £27,000 of debt when I start Uni next September!
Chris Rowland, St Albans, UK

Being an ex-patriot but loyal to my country. It was pleasing to me and many Canadians Tony Blair and his government won the Election. Although the likes of Galloway, should cross the floor he is a disgrace to the Labour Party. Good luck Tony, and my fellow countrymen.
Vic Vancouver, Kitsilano Canada

Excellent, Tony Blair Prime Minster, we also here had a County Council election and Labour won by some 3,000 votes. I am so pleased the Tories did not get in otherwise what other industries would the country be stripped of? I have definitely seen improvements in the local community here since Labour won our local elections and there is not one person in this world than can make promises and keep to them 100% after all he is only human
Louise, Basildon, Essex, UK

Looking at things over there from over here, I think that Iraq war was a non-issue in the elections. The war got a "few people" worked up who then got a disproportionately high amount of coverage in the media (including in yours). Common sense has prevailed when it mattered most. I am happy for Blair and his party for this victory. I now hope he is able to hold his cabinet together. That is his challenge.
Ramola Bhuyan, New Delhi, India

What a relief! All I wish is Mr. Blair play little more to check and balance the warmongers sitting at helm in this side of the pond!
Kadavul, Santa Clara, USA

The British public have put domestic issues above morality
Ivan Petrovsky, from UK - in Boston
What a tragedy! The British public have put domestic issues above morality. Be it on their heads. A leader lacking in integrity elected by a country lacking in integrity.
Ivan Petrovsky, from UK - in Boston

You miss a significant result. Blaeun Gwent, used to be Nye Beven's and, later Mick Foot's constituency, formally the safest labour seat in the UK, has now gone to Peter Law as an independent. The imposition of all female shortlists failed in this case. I notice, however, that no such imposition was placed in Tony's or Gordon's constituencies?
John, Leicester

Jeremy Paxman's interview with G. Galloway was disgusting. Who does Paxman think he is? Mr Galloway has been elected by the electorate and was absolutely right not to answer Paxman's first question.
Mizan Amin, Bow

A truly historic night for Labour. Now the work can go on. A tribute to Tony Blair who has taken immensely difficult decisions in the last parliament that he knew would make him unpopular. He stuck to what he believed was right and deserves his victory. By the way, why hasn't anyone asked the following to Mr Galloway: would you prefer a) A regime in Iraq led by Saddam Hussein or b) a free and democratic Iraq.
Paul Gibbs, Brighton, UK

I think it's sad that Britain continues to follow the vain hopes and false promises of the Labour Party. I also think it's about time the electoral boundaries were redrawn to take some of the voting strength away from the economically and politically ignorant in Britain's under-educated cities.
Adrian, Provo, USA (formerly Horsham, Sussex)

His victory is not only a victory for Britain but also for Africa
Jacob I Focas, Bradford
I wish to congratulate Mr. Blair for securing a third term in office. His victory is not only a victory for Britain but also for Africa. Hopeful the Tony Blair's initiatives for Africa will now turn true.
Jacob I Focas, Bradford

The 'people' have not voted Blair back in. If you count individual votes, Labour was not wanted. Our system is deeply flawed and I just wish I could emigrate now.
Claire, Cheshire

I think the most striking conclusion to be drawn from this election is the absurd imbalance of our election system. The way that votes have translated into seats suggests either that either constituency distribution needs a substantial overhaul or that we need a change in the electoral system as a whole.
Simon Hodges, Godalming, UK

Iraq and the alliance with Bush was a grave mistake for labour, but Thank God, this has not let Howard and the night into power. Labour now needs to build on the past two terms, and continue the good work with schools, the NHS, and to sort out the mess Thatcher left with the railways.
Alec Dawe, Attleborough, Norfolk

I switched from Labour to the Lib Dems, mainly because I think that ID cards are a massive waste of money and I don't want the inconvenience. However, I do feel that more police are needed on the streets, which is where the Lib Dems planned to divert the money.
Alan C, Wakefield, England

The electorate has spoken, I can only hope that Mr Blair decides to listen for a change, stop the spin and learn a little humility as well as telling the truth. It really is time that politicians stopped telling us what we will get and started providing what we want.
Kenneth Armitage, Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Apathy rules! More of the same from Labour, broken promises downright lies, stealth taxes and eventually Brown. What a disaster for Britain.
Steve, London

For the third time in a row, the people have clearly indicated they want to invest more in public sector services. Now will Labour finally have the courage to halve or quarter the rates at which top income tax kicks in? Now is the time to truly invest in services for the people.
Randal Oulton, Colchester, Essex

Labour have been successful in winning its third term, congratulations. We are already committed to the Iraq war, that is history. Our troops are doing a marvellous job and the nation should be proud of what they have achieved, they are our true heroes.
Alison Sawyer, Oxford, United Kingdom

I hope that Iraq is behind us now and we can move on
David, Kent
This is good news; now Tony needs to get into gear to finish off what he started. I hope that Iraq is behind us now and we can move on, hopefully not making the same mistakes in the future.
David, Kent

I hope that immigration will be sorted. I would like to see drastic cuts on immigration!
Rebecca Butterfield, Castleford, England

If you are middle classed, hardworking and honest, it is time to leave the country.
David Jupp, Worthing UK

Congratulations Mr Blair! At least reason has prevailed over xenophobia. Priority: respect international human rights and listen to the wise counsel of your people.
Moses, Cambridge

A fragmented vote that says more about the state of the opposition than it does about the government elected. There was no choice in this election, given a credible alternative you have to wonder would the results have been different.
Jamie, UK

Wonderful news. Despite some of your editorial comments like "substantial gains by the conservatives", the truth is that a majority of this amount for a third term is by any measure just magnificent. The UK will continue to prosper under a great Prime Minister. What changes should he make? Stop supporting George Bush!
Malcolm Taylor, Bedford, New Hampshire, USA

Blair has been vindicated
Andrew, Washington DC
No matter how you slice it, Blair has been vindicated. He has won three in a row, each with an impressively large majority.
Andrew, Washington DC

How on earth could the people in the UK allow this bunch of Muppets to be re-elected? Well they have another four - five years in power, plenty of time to really make a mess of our lives and country.
Iain, UK

Well done Tony. From an Irishman in America, glad you made it.
Kevin Lyons, Reno, NV, USA

So three party politics is confirmed as a reality. It's time for proportional representation.
Jeremy Double, Bingley, England

Labour's victory is nothing to be proud of
Norma, Norfolk, UK
It's about time voting was made compulsory and we had proportional representation. That's the only way to get a true picture of how the British public really feel. Labour's victory is nothing to be proud of, a vastly reduced number of seats suggest a combination of distrust and voting apathy to me. A majority - I don't think so.
Norma, Norfolk, UK

What a shame. It's things like this that made me leave our once great country. Clearly our education system is failing when it can produce so many naive people. Having said that, two thirds of the people got it somewhat right. Is it just me or is 36% short 14% of a majority.
Richard Ash, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Another election, another wasted vote. Our democratic system is so awful that MPs are elected in their constituency against the majority of the voters who turned out to vote, throwing away more votes than actually won the seat! Why do the British people put up with a system that is so unrepresentative of the majority? Can it really be in the hope of benefiting from the same unfair system at a later stage? No wonder many people don't bother to vote (40 minute wait yesterday) when they know their vote is unlikely to be influential in any way because of the flawed system we have.
Phil Cox, Watford

Listening to 'President' Blair at the National Portrait gallery his supporters chanting "4 more years" just goes to show they have no idea about UK politics - it's five years here folks!
David Reynolds, Eaglescliffe, Teesside

If the reduced majority means that the New Labour Government is more humble and focuses upon social justice and improvement rather than war and destruction then the 2005 General Election will have been a win win for the country.
Ian, Harlow, Essex

Iraq was a mistake, Blair is accountable and is paying a price
Martin Phillips, Oxford, UK
The public has spoken. Iraq was a mistake, Blair is accountable and is paying a price. Lesson learned, he should now show the British public his determination and strength in standing up to the US administration on all matter unfavourable. We don't need a puppet for the next four years - we need some-one who puts the "Great" back in Britain.
Martin Phillips, Oxford, UK

Thank goodness for a voice of truth to come through with George Galloway kicking Blue Labour out.
Patrick Black, York

You poor people. You have Tony and we have George. God help us all.
Kim Righetti, Upland, Calif, USA

Mr Blair has taken the UK so close to the Americans you now share their pitiful electoral turnouts.
Dave, Wellington, New Zealand

You will get the government you deserve
Alec, Somerset, UK
Well thanks all you stay at homes. You will get the government you deserve. Pity you have foisted it on millions who don't deserve it.
Alec, Somerset, UK

What is apparent is that Conservative voters have voted Liberal Democrat in many Lib Dem/Labour marginals, and Conservative voters have returned to the fold in Tory/Labour marginals. What is clear is that the British electorate have become a lot more savvy in their tactical voting.
Paul, New York, USA

Oh, I'm so excited about Mr. Blair's victory! And I'm not even British but my fiancé is.
Tania Davies, Dallas, Texas, USA

It is worrying how a 36.2% share of the vote translates into an overall majority, and a decisive one at that.
Sy, Manchester, UK

I wanted labour back in power but with a new prime minister
Maurice Smith, Radcliffe Lancashire
I wanted labour back in power but with a new prime minister to take over, they need to sort out the public transport system, NHS and stick up more for the rights of the British people in our Country.
Maurice Smith, Radcliffe Lancashire

I'm glad Labour won, it kept the Tories out so that maybe they can regroup, get a new leader and provide a viable opposition which is strong, realistic and honourable to challenge labour's grasp on this great country.
Ethan Bentley, Southampton

I am so ashamed at this moment to be British as we constantly complain about all issues and when we are given the opportunity to change the system we do nothing and make comments like 'better the devil you know'. Everybody makes comments about the war as if that's the worst thing that labour has done! Does anyone watch the news or read newspapers what about fuel costs? Council tax rises, more stealth taxes? Further bans on individuals liberty, more pandering to the Bush administration (which wouldn't be bad if it was in some way beneficial) and the loss of the pound!
Charles Fletcher, Burton on Trent, England

PR is the only way to go, 36% and a majority is a joke. Congratulations to Gordon Brown, the real winner for Labour.
Gareth Hay, Lancaster, Lancashire

I'm glad the Labour Party is back in and horrified at the number of votes the BNP attracted.
Nick, Sheffield

The Conservatives fought a very negative and misleading campaign
Toni Starr, Swindon, Wilts
I'm pleased with the result on the whole. Following the Iraq War, I voted Lib Dem, but I would rather have Blair in No 10 than Michael Howard. The Conservatives fought a very negative and misleading campaign, not worthy of any political party - they really shocked me, and I shall never vote for them.
Toni Starr, Swindon, Wilts

I'm 21, I voted for the first time this election. I voted Labour and I'm obviously happy they won. I was strongly against the war in Iraq, however, I think that the country has improved beyond comparison to Conservative control. We have a better health system, better policing and better social standards.
Aidan McGill, Gateshead, England

Well done to Britain for electing the correct government. Our Country under Howard would have been a disaster. Well done to Charles Kennedy, who has come across as a force to be reckoned with and clearly Mr Kennedy is honest and will lead the Lib Dems to better times, and hopefully overtaking the Tories in the next election. We should all be happy for the UK today.
John Martin, London

I opposed Blair. I opposed the war - I voted Lib Dem. But I am very worried by George Galloway's victory. Shame
Guy Sigsworth, London UK

I am amazed how short the British electorate's memory is
Jeff Aris, Auckland, New Zealand
I am amazed how short the British electorate's memory is - the deceit and low moral fibre demonstrated clearly does not prick our conscious into inspiring us to indicate our disgust. What a missed opportunity!
Jeff Aris, Auckland, New Zealand (expat)

It takes a long time to destroy an economy. Labour have now been given enough time to finish the job.
Martin, Andover

I enjoyed seeing how few votes these so-called Christian parties got.
Ian Bowater, Los Angeles, USA

So we have another four to five years of this grinning travesty of a man do we? I can only look forward to the vote on the EU constitution which he will lose and then maybe we can send this man packing.
Martin Herrity, Portsmouth Hampsire

Despite the best efforts of the general populace, yet again a political party has been elected. My postal vote was wasted. Proportional representation works in New Zealand, why not in the UK?
Matt Kiessling, Ex-pat now in Dunedin, New Zealand

Tony's government have done great things for this country and I truly believe he's a good man
Helen Fox, Derbyshire, UK
What a relief! Tony's government have done great things for this country and I truly believe he's a good man. He may get the impression that everyone hates him but that's not true - I think he's fab and I hope he stays the full term. Well done for all of your hard work on our behalf.
Helen Fox, Derbyshire, UK

Crikey I should never have emigrated all those years ago when Thatcher and the Tories seemed so indestructible! Well done Great Britain!
John, Wellington, New Zealand

Children and their families living in poverty (worldwide) needed a Labour Government to continue - thank you to all who put their interests before their own
Jane Wragg, Huddersfield, Yorkshire

We must now introduce a new definition for the term democracy, specifically for England. The term democracy for England in the Oxford English dictionary should now read: rule by the minority!
Bill Smith, Reading, Berkshire, England.

The money has just about run out - his third term could very well be a fiasco
Harvey, London, UK
Labour squeaked through 8 years riding a booming economy, and encouraging huge public sector growth to stifle unemployment so the electorate thinks they're competent. Unfortunately, the money has just about run out - his third term could very well be a fiasco.
Harvey, London, UK

A depressing day for democracy. Blair wins with the lowest percentage of the vote for a PM in modern times.
Kevin Donnellon, Liverpool, UK

Labour is the lesser of two evils for me, but I'm disappointed that Scotland hasn't set a mandate for independence. The people of Scotland still insist on voting for London based parties and this saddens me.
William, Edinburgh, Scotland

Moral of the story: Iraq war was a good thing to get you re-elected.
Richard, New York, USA

Great to see Blair being held accountable, but how much of this is a protest, safe in knowledge you won't get the Tories?
Peter, Ayrshire

A huge relief for someone who is a child of immigrants. May Prime Minister Blair continue to govern Britain with compassion for all races, ages and lifestyles!
Jim Smoot, Hailsham, East Sussex

Patricia Gibson, Farnham, Surrey, UK

Congratulations Tony, although I suspect the lack of a credible opposition helped.
Mark Dowd, Lancashire

Let's hope we can resolve this Iraq issue now
Richard, Rotherham South Yorkshire
Fantastic News, knew they could do it! Let's hope we can resolve this Iraq issue now.
Richard, Rotherham South Yorkshire

I am happy Tony Blair won. I prefer him a 1000 times to Howard
Tony, London

Reduced majority - yes - but an indictment on the conservatives who after three elections are no nearer to gaining power. I am quite sure that within 12 months at the most Michael Howard will be able to devote all the time in the world to his grandchildren. Well Done Tony!
Mike, South Yorks

Congratulations Mr Blair and Labour. It is a shame key issues were overshadowed during the run up to the election. Let's hope we can continue working on rebuilding Iraq whilst focusing on more pressing issues.
Richard Tibbett, London

I think the cities have too many seats, as does Scotland. I think in the interest of fairness we should reduce city seats or make more district ones. He has only won because of the city people.
David Sadler, Saffron Walden

We should all unite, put our troubles behind us, and start to trust and support this man
Denise Smallwood, Plymouth UK
We should all unite, put our troubles behind us, and start to trust and support this man of who has given his life to us. Trust him. He has a family, surely he is doing his best for them, we can only benefit. He has taken a lot from the public. Now let's give him a real chance.
Denise Smallwood, Plymouth UK

I am glad that Blair won because I believe that he is a strong leader. However, I think it's quite hypocritical of the people to re-elect him after giving us so much trouble for re-electing Bush.
Dawn, Texas

I really enjoyed tonight's coverage, with Jeremy Paxman being my personal highlight. Shame about the result, but you win some, you lose some.
Mike, Grays, Essex

The government should focus on feeding our schoolchildren properly! They should pay attention to Jamie Oliver.
Jon, Cheltenham, GLOS

Labour needs to re-focus on its core values
Jackie Adams, Frome, Somerset
An historic victory - but one with a message that Labour needs to re-focus on it's core values and try much harder to meet the expectations of it's grass-roots supporters.
Jackie Adams, Frome, Somerset

The people have spoken. Lets hope they have the stomach for another four years of Blair (Labour permitting)
Dave, Staffs

Perhaps I'm just a cynic at heart, but I couldn't stifle the groan when I heard so many re-elected Labour high-flyers spouting about listening more closely to the electorate this time. It will be the same as the last 8 years, but at least the Conservatives didn't win.
Nick Westwood, Wolverhampton (ex Southampton), UK

Just goes to show that people have short memories about our once again PM. Here's to another 4 years of false promises and no accountability.
Jamie, Northamptonshire

The Labour government (Mr Blair) should move out from under the United State's shadow. Stop being Bush's puppet, and work for the citizens you were elected to represent.
Patti, Minneapolis, USA

This result is just perfect for a future Conservative government
James, London
Labour's win is in fact a Conservative win. There will inevitably be a recession in the next two to three years, and Labour's small majority is a good indicator of a land-slide victory for the Conservative Party in four years time. A Conservative win would have been a travesty; this result is just perfect for a future conservative government.
James, London

Tony Blair's third victory is a record and he will achieve more. Some Brits may not know how lucky they are to have Blair, but history will prove it. I am a Chinese living in Singapore and I wished so much that China can have a leader like Blair.

The results today prove yet again that the only fair method is proportional representation. Just look at the percentages and say honestly whether you think that the newly formed government is truly representative of the electorate's preferences.
Helen Graham, North Molton, North Devon

What's going wrong with conservatives? Howard got a better stance on all issues that matters like taxes and immigration.
Rod, Brazil

Congratulations to the Labour Party. If one analyses the election, it is easy to see that Labour won because of the good economy and not it's foreign, education and health policies. Perhaps Tony Blair should reflect on this and then hand over to Gordon Brown.
Mark Hamill-Stewart, Devizes UK

The only thing impressive about the Tories was their advertising campaign. I am surprised that Lib Dems have not capitalized more. Labour is more than Tony Blair - however, Blair is the most eloquent public speaker I have ever heard by any party in the UK.
David Murphy, Chicago, Illinois, USA

So Labour has won; not really a surprise. I'm absolutely disgusted at how many votes the BNP have gotten.
Mel, Stockton On Tees, England

Kennedy is the only party leader to wear his heart on his sleeve which is fresh and appealing
Rob Cremona, Woking, Surrey
The obvious positive activity on the swings to Lib Dem shows that Blair and Howard just keep going round and round in the political playing grounds. Kennedy is the only party leader to wear his heart on his sleeve which is fresh and appealing to your average person on the street.
Rob Cremona, Woking, Surrey

I cannot believe the country has been so foolish and gullible. Judging Blair on his manifesto promises in 1997 should have been enough to see him off. The manifesto opened with 10 pledges; how many have been honoured? Two! A poor record by any standard.
A J Witherby, Milford on Sea, England

I am really happy to see Blair win. After Australia and US, this proves beyond any doubt that the professional protesters who second-guess the war in Iraq are nothing more than a small noisy minority.
Andrew, Madison, WI

Alas, we end up with the best of a bad bunch.
Tim Rollinson, Tonbridge, UK

This just goes to show that the Tories as a party are over. Well done Tony.
Tim, Lincolnshire

Oh my God, and we looked on in disbelief at the Americans for giving Bush another chance. What are you doing England? How can you let that egotistical con man in again?
Nicky Davies, Singapore (expat)

I've predicted a Blair win from the beginning
Maggie Blue, Florida, United States
I've predicted a Blair win from the beginning. In spite of Iraq and other miscellaneous, he is very popular and accepted as a world leader.
Maggie Blue, Florida, United States

Unfortunately tonight's results (the success of the Lib Dems) confirm that the champagne socialist sect is still on the rise. The low middle classes with far too much money and not nearly enough sense are willing to let the Lib Dems raise taxes and chuck money at public services without any thought of the consequences
Ed, London

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