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Last Updated: Friday, 6 May, 2005, 13:24 GMT 14:24 UK
Have Your Say: Election results
Ballot boxes arrive at Sunderland South
Scotland's new political representation at Westminster has taken shape.

There have been some significant results - the Liberal Democrats winning East Dunbartonshire and the Scottish National Party coming out tops in the Western Isles, both at Labour's expense.

We asked for your thoughts on the results. The following is a balance of the opinion we received.

I chose to register my disapproval of "none of those listed" by writing same on ballot paper. However my dissent was not listed in the results or turnout reported.
Bill, Aberdeen South, Scotland

The SNP shouldn't be too disheartened by the decreased vote. I voted Lib Dem tactically but will vote SNP in '07. Probably very common.
Jim Simpson, Musselburgh, Scotland

Isn't it typical that SNP supporters say that people leave Scotland due to the economy? What about the weather? Is it going to be sunny in an Independent Scotland? If you think people don't leave because of this ask Gordon Ramsey. It scares me when people take Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon seriously.
Mark Angus, Montrose, Scotland

I am a Scottish student studying in Denmark. It seems many people on this forum have an issue that I used my postal vote to support the SNP. I love Scotland and I'm proud to be Scottish and support the SNP; I feel I can bring back to Scotland many of the positive things that I have seen here in Denmark, a country of similar population and culture, which manages perfectly well to run its own affairs without the interference of an irrelevant parliament in another country. Living abroad has truly made me realise how ridiculous the situation of governance by Westminster really is.
Claire, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nick from London - Westminster gives Scotland some of Scotland's own cash back as pocket money to spend however we choose (apart from 'reserved matters' when we must do as we're told). We are not subsided. England squanders Scotland's oil money on weapons and warmongering.
Gillian, Dunbartonshire

A sad day for the Scottish regiments... This surely marks the end of the road. Another piece of proud Scottish heritage to bite the dust. When will we learn - we have to stop the rot somehow. Independence is the only way...
Nigel Thomson, Perth, Scotland

Give England their own parliament and hand over full control to the Scottish, Welsh and Irish
Dave, UK Expatriate

I am a 17-year-old but I don't see why if people say they would like to be independent why don't they vote for it? Ever since we gained our own parliament we have voted with no energy, if we want things to change we have to make them change ourselves.
Magnus McKay, Wick, Caithness

At last it would seem that the Labour Party is loosing its grip on Scotland. Hooray... Please, please keep it that way. It is the only way that they will pay attention to us. A little competition is always good.
Jen, Paisley

After watching this election from afar and watching the geographic split in voters I think England should get their own parliament and hand over full control to the Scottish, Welsh and Irish. This includes the oil and gas revenues. The English may feel insulted by us having our own parliaments however they still retain the purse strings!
Dave, UK Expatriate

To all the Scottish folk who voted Labour of old, wake up and smell the coffee, there is nothing to differentiate between Labour and Conservative!! Labour are no longer the party of the working class they are party for the unemployed and higher taxes for the workers!!!!!!!
Donna Hamilton, Cumbernauld, Scotland

I cannot believe that Labour have (predictably) won again. Does the Iraq factor (unjustified), petrol prices (ridiculous) and poor standards in hospitals not indicate that the current government are not doing a good job! Who actually votes for these con men???
Neil Simpson, Hamilton, Scotland

I really thought Labour would be ravaged up here in Scotland but it hasn't happened at all!! Did everyone forget about the war, the Scottish regiments, stealth taxes, the state of the fishing industry, foot and mouth, the Holyrood building?? I'm very disappointed!
Tom, Edinburgh

Well done to everyone who was elected
Mike, Hong Kong

Labour got in again because no matter how much people hate Blair and what he has done to Iraq, they hate the Tories more. Many people voted Labour to keep the Tories out. Well done the SSP for offering everyone in Scotland a real alternative.
Sue, Edinburgh, Scotland

I can't believe anyone thinks this election result provides increased justification for introducing Proportional Representation. This would be a disaster - it will bring more small/lunatic fringe parties to the fore, produce more low quality politicians (do we need any more?!) and allow minority parties to force their extreme policies on a government that may need their votes to survive.
David, Edinburgh, Scotland

A sad day. There should have been considerably more SNP victories, leading to a final push for independence. That way we English can stop subsidising policies in Scotland which the Anglos at Westminster (Blair, Brown etc.) will not allow to be implemented in England.
Nick, London, England

For those "sniping" at Scots living abroad - perhaps it takes a free thinking, enterprising person, with an international outlook, to recognise the opportunities to be gained from Independence?
Stephen Shilton, Hamilton, S Lanarkshire

Well done to everyone who was elected. Many people, myself included, want to see a change to the first past the post system, but we shouldn't hold our breath. Labour won't introduce a new system that reduces their grip on power.
Mike, Hong Kong

Bad result for England. The English will continue to be discriminated against as a result of Scottish & Welsh MPs voting on purely English matters to ensure a Labour majority. Shame on those English who voted Labour, we should be voting for our own parliament like the Scots and the Welsh.
Ian Pugh, Wallasey, England

My vote really did count!
Kevin Gillies, Carnoustie

Really surprised at how well the SNP has done, especially with many Nationalists saying they would not vote in a Westminster election, and some even advocating others do likewise.
Charles McGregor, Greenock, Scotland

Although disappointed that New Labour remain in power, I am cheered by their reduced majority. Pushing controversial measures like ethically dodgy invasions of foreign countries through the Commons will now be much more difficult for the government. I had hoped the Lib Dems would overtake the Tories to become the new opposition, but sadly it was not to be.

I am delighted to have voted Labour out of power in Dundee East and with a margin of just 383 votes, My vote really did count! I just wish people who are in areas where it is more one sided had a feeling that there vote really did count.
Kevin Gillies, Carnoustie, Now Dundee East

Very interesting to see how influential the Scottish vote was to the overall outcome. However, having lived in a "real" country (ie self-governing) for many years now, I do find it regrettable that the Scots still seem to lack that wee bit of extra self-confidence to assert the importance of putting their own needs first.
Catherine, Hannover, Germany

If you ever doubted the power of the media, look at these election results. To read most newspapers and watch most TV stations, you'd think there were only three (English) parties standing. Well done the smaller parties like the SSP for having a crack at it and better luck in 2007.
Pam Currie, Glasgow, Scotland

A great result for the SNP, increasing their number of MPs. The London-based parties attempt to sideline the SNP has clearly failed. Bring on the Scottish Parliamentary elections where there will be a clear choice between Blue Tories, Red Tories (and their little Lib Dem helpers) and the SNP - The Party of Scotland.
Neil, Carnoustie, Scotland

Why do the SSP waste so much money standing in Westminster first-past-the-post elections?
Keith, Edinburgh

Good for the UK (a more balanced opposition) but bad for Scotland, still not enough of an opposition to make for a healthy political landscape - reaffirms Scotland as a one party state.
Bryan, Glasgow, UK

Again I'm not surprised, the amount of people who take and take and take from the benefit systems in the UK have kept Labour in power. When will a party who actually look after the workers of the country and those who actually need help, not those who are bone idle, be elected?
Mark, Glasgow

Many of you are yearning for an end to first past the post. Here in New Zealand some years ago, I and a majority of voters voted in MMP instead. If only we could go back in time. We now have the tyranny of minority parties controlling the balance of power and imposing their weird policies as a price of their support. For all its faults FPP is a better system - believe me.
Bryan Dempsey, New Zealand

I fail to see how we can claim to be a democracy when over 66% of the electorate voted against the government. It is time for proportional representation in this country - this is the 21st century, not the 19th.
Hugh Devlin, Glasgow, Scotland

It's amusing to see the finger pointed at SNP supporters living outside Scotland. These people, and I was one of them, have more often than not HAD to move away because there isn't the work in Scotland. It is time Scotland realised that we can aspire to the same success as Ireland, Finland, Norway, or Sweden. Very soon we'll be overtaken by the Baltic states too.
Douglas Kinloch, Livingston, W Lothian

Why do the SSP waste so much money standing in Westminster first-past-the-post elections? There are better things they could spend their members money on.
Keith, Edinburgh

The televised nature of the run-up and seemingly agreed agenda of issues, where was the debate on Europe, possibly the most important political issue of this period?
Ed, Brit in Italy

What a waste of democracy! I voted tactically (and successfully) yesterday but not because I am an SNP supporter (far from it) but just so that I could wipe some of that smug grin off Tony Blair's face. But what I would rather have is a country in which I can vote for my party of conscience and feel I had voted in a worthwhile fashion. I think we would have seen a very different result under PR.
Janice , Dundee, Scotland

Good to see that the SNP vote fell. Independence is no longer an option. Alex Salmond and his cronies should resign so we can get some proper British MPs. Well done Lib Dems and well done Scotland.
John Mackay, Ayr, Scotland

Isn't it funny how the strongest SNP supporters are abroad? Like Sean Connery they don't understand Scotland. This election was another triumph for the Union. The clan Ewing was defeated and the Unionist Lib Dems are now in second place. So lets not hear any rubbish as Scotland is British!
John Filer, Dundee, Scotland

Well done to the SNP for their hard work in the campaign. But we need to encourage more SNP supporters to get out there on polling day. Every vote counts as with Ochil this time round. The future looks good so BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES
Simon Forrest, Ayr, Scotland

A poor campaign and a poor result. The televised nature of the run-up and seemingly agreed agenda of issues, where was the debate on Europe, possibly the most important political issue of this period?
Ed, Brit in Italy

I'm very pleased with the SNP's result this time. I support the SNP (among other reasons) because it's the only party that recognises my birthright as a citizen of Scotland which Britain doesn't (Scottish mother, American father). It always bugged me that a Westminster government could determine who was Scottish and who wasn't.
David Land, Washington, DC USA

I am seriously considering emigrating to a more democratic country
Graham Wright, Aberdeen

I hope that those who have voted Labour are now preparing themselves to pay higher taxes - money that will prop up inefficient government departments and provide handouts to those who are too lazy to work.
Alan Bishop, Edinburgh

I hope that Labour take note of these results. I voted against them for both Scottish and national policies (the proposed ID card and the anti-smoking bill).
Iain, Edinburgh

Until we get proportional representation then most of us will not be properly represented. We will continue to have MPs of poor quality as many of them know that they have no competition due to the majority's voting trends.
Stuart, Falkirk

Living in East Edinburgh with its rock-solid Labour vote, I felt my vote was wasted. No matter how I feel about all the lies and spin emanating from this appalling government with its deceitful leader, I felt powerless to influence any change. The sooner we have PR as at Holyrood (one good thing about it), the better.
S M Forsyth, Edinburgh

Anyone in Scotland that voted Labour should be ashamed of themselves. Just remember the next bomb that lands on a family in Iraq because it has your name on it. The only party to take Scotland forward is the SNP, we have seen that today. Alex Salmond is the only person to trust and it's only a matter of time before we are free from British occupation.
John Stewart, Uddingston

I agree wholeheartedly with the posting from John Stewart, and as the election results have obviously been seriously "rigged" (I refuse to believe that I live in a land of total idiots)! I am seriously considering emigrating to a more democratic country.
Graham Wright, Aberdeen

Odd that all the posters who say how positive it is to see gains from SNP live outside Scotland. IF they are so pro-SNP, pro-Scotland, why are you not living in Scotland contributing to its economy, culture and future? So many Sir Seans!
Craig, Sydney

It would seem that voters are not as disaffected from Labour as some would have you believe
Derek Robertson, Arbroath

Hearty congratulations Angus in regaining the Western Isles for the Nationalist Party. Let this impetus continue with renewed fervour over the next two years in order that our nation is rightfully represented within a European context.
Roderick MacSween, Tanajib, Saudi Arabia

I am disappointed that the people of Scotland stuck to their generations old habit of voting Labour. This Labour Party is not the party of the working class. This is the party that chose to send Scottish sons to their deaths to appease George Bush. Inexplicable.
Ian McLeod, Vancouver, Canada

The Scottish Greens have made considerable gains, but the Westminster, first-past-the-post system just doesn't allow the smaller parties a look-in. We need a more proportional system - one that elects those who people vote for - not those who people don't vote against!
Stan Blackley, Edinburgh

I'm glad to see the SNP do well in this election. They have worked hard, deserve their victories and I hope that they will do just as well for the future Scottish parliamentary elections.
John Moss, Paisley

Many Scots/Canadians are over the moon at the SNP's gains. Hopefully they will remain on a roll and repeat the performance at the Holyrood election.
Jim MacDonald, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

It looks like a good showing for the SNP and another disaster for the Conservatives. It would seem that voters are not as disaffected from Labour as some would have you believe. Once again though with the huge numbers of Labour MP's returned in spite of their proportion of the vote PR must be on Westminster's coming agenda so that people's opinions can count fairly.
Derek Robertson, Arbroath

It is a disgrace that the people of Inverclyde have voted Labour back in, are they blind or just stupid?
Calum, Greenock

The first past the post system has to go - it just isn't reflective of the national vote
Hamish Milne, Glasgow

Just back from the Dundee East count and delighted to see Stuart Hosie elected for the SNP. A great result for the SNP, Dundee and Scotland. Roll on the next Holyrood election.
Kenneth Lynn, Dundee, Scotland

I reject the comments that the Lib Dems are the second party in west of Scotland because in my area of Greenock/Inverclyde the Lib Dems were pushed into third place by the SNP with a large swing from the Lib Dems to SNP.
Robert, Greenock

Hopefully this result will enforce the drive towards more autonomy for regions like Scotland.
Mr T, Holland, The Netherlands

A good night for LibDems who have consolidated so far but the SNP have gained back the Western Isles and Dundee East with the Tories failing to make any impact. Time now for PR surely?
Surferdood, London

Looks like SNP are going to have 6/7 seats come May 6th. So much for those who said they would struggle to hold onto two seats on the re-drawn Scottish constituency map (I am an SNP member and I am proud of the progress and I'm overjoyed that Alex has stabilised what was once a sinking ship). It's nearly 3am here and thus far it is clear that Labour will rule the roost once again in Scotland, albeit with a loosened grip. Roll on the Scottish Parliamentary elections, I can see us making considerable progress.
Jay McKellar, Wolverhampton :-(

If I hear the words "historic" or "unprecedented" again I will throw something at the TV. The first past the post system has to go - it just isn't reflective of the national vote.
Hamish Milne, Glasgow