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Last Updated: Friday, 6 May, 2005, 03:10 GMT 04:10 UK
Election results: Your reaction
Tony Blair on the announcement of his victory in his constituency
Tony Blair has led Labour to victory for the third time, but with a reduced majority.

The Conservatives have won several target seats on large swings and the Liberal Democrats have made gains too.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Let's hope Labour learn from their mistakes
George, Bognor Regis

I believe Labour has done a lot more in the last two terms than a Tory government would have done. However as much as I didn't want to vote for Tony Blair this time due to what I think are some bad decisions he has made, I felt that voting for the Lib Dems would be giving the Tories a vote. And I don't think the Tories can offer a real alternative at present and also the Lib Dems do not have the weight behind them. Let's hope Labour learn from their mistakes.
George, Bognor Regis

I'm currently on a university exchange programme here in Canada and cannot praise highly enough the electoral staff in East Devon who, with considerable efficiency, made it possible to cast my vote from overseas. Good job!
James, Toronto, Canada

It's obvious that the Tories are still unelectable, when the only issue that the public resonated with was the handling of the Iraq conflict, and not any of the Tory's policy proposals.
David Park, Hong Kong (expat Scot)

How can this be anything other than a meltdown for the Tories? Had it not been for Iraq, Labour would have a 200+ majority. The vote is clearly single issue - anti war. When the war is done and dusted in four years time, or when Brown is leader, the Labour majority will be 250+ and I expect to see the Tories slump to about 25%. And that's a good beginning to a Friday!
A Baker, Spain

It is easy to dismiss Tony Blair for his stance on Iraq but you cannot fault Labour's approach to home policy. Labour is much more than just Mr Blair. Having said that, could you honestly see a better representative of our country from the three choices available?
Richard Tibbett, Chiswick, London

My constituency was won by the Lib Dems so I'm a happy man. This third Labour government has nothing to do with me.
Steve, Leeds, UK

Pleased to see the Lib Dems doing so well, also it's quite surprising to see that the BNP have had some very high votes, they are obviously a more serious party than I previously considered.
Ben, London, England

First election I've voted in and how people cannot be interested in how the country is run amazes me. I'm staying up till it's decided.
Rikki Passmore, Bournemouth, England

It is quite clear that we now need to change our first past the post voting system which shows a disproportionate number of seats to votes gained.
Peter, Weston-super-Mare

An historic hat-trick for Labour. Who will the Conservatives substitute for team captain this time? Now let Gordon Brown get on with the second half.

The last two elections were won by Labour with huge majorities, but it wasn't that long ago when a majority of 50 plus was considered a landslide. Let's not forget Labour were out of power for 18 years before 1997. Tonight is a great third consecutive victory.
Pradip Jani, Florida

It's scandalous that our electoral system is presently so biased. Where with 36% of the vote a party can have a substantial overall majority in Parliament.
Jamie Scott-Hopkins, London

Clearly you Brits are not as angry with Blair and Labour as the media would have us in America think
Nate Haralson, Colorado Springs
Clearly you Brits are not as angry with Blair and Labour as the media would have us in America think. Congratulations to Blair and those Brits who voted for Labour for fighting it out in this election after standing with your American brothers in a war which was very risky politically.
Nate Haralson, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Congratulations are in order for the Conservatives! Way to go taking a chunk out of Labour! Keep up the good work Michael Howard!
Guy R Gregory, Spearfish, South Dakota, USA

If a different party was voted in during every election they wouldn't be able to do any damage as it takes longer than one term for policies to take effect, then we wouldn't have anything to complain about!
John, Leicestershire

I despair at the voting of the UK public. The Tory party was voted out just eight years ago. Yet despite so many successes (and admittedly some failures) from the Labour Party, so many people are prepared to bring them back. Do we all really have such a short memory?
Tony S, UK

Tony Blair should know now that if he pulls a trick like Iraq again, Labour will lose the next election whoever is in charge.
Richard Harrison, Hemel Hempstead

Looks like Scotland has again declared itself a Tory-free zone.
Kevin, London

What a travesty! Labour look likely to end up with another big majority - 55% of the seats on only 37% of the votes! And they'll try to claim they have a mandate. Call this a democracy?
John, Nottingham, UK

All I want to say is that this election must be one of the easiest for Labour. No wonder they are so relaxed - there is no challenge. Keep up the good work. Good luck to Tony and the party barely worked up a sweat.
Jeffrey Baverstock, Chelmsford, England

Not one party has the answer for all or indeed a great majority of the people
Michael, Colorado, USA

I have been watching the webcast of the election broadcast here in America and find the entire election process fascinating and quite interesting. I am struck by the thought that like the American election, not one party has the answer for all or indeed a great majority of the people.

I wonder if governments around the world will look at future elections and realise that no matter what party they represent, they perhaps don't have all the right answers to match what their country thinks. Excellent coverage by the way, very informative and engaging.
Michael, Colorado, USA

Well done Mr Blair, now you have our vote for another five years. Earn our trust and make our country something we can be proud of. You have the golden goblet. Don't let your voters down. Look after our people and our country, not other people's countries.
Elizabeth K Irving, West Yorkshire

The British must have lost their senses in global history and the present day situations alike. Why witch-hunt Labour who have made good progress and benefits to the peoples there? Lost grounds are difficult to be achieved without political stability, first at home. Britain has lost out on many sectors in the industrial world.
Vella, Seremban, Malaysia

Just imagine what the result would have been without Iraq. It looks like a 60 - 80 majority for Labour. This is a massive mandate for their manifesto programme if you factor out the Iraq effect. Well done Labour!
Vince, Coventry, UK

I'm a first time voter and like many of my peers, I voted Liberal Democrat. I've had enough of Tony Blair and his belief that he is some kind of divine god. The Tories are just ridiculously ludicrous. Charles Kennedy appears to be the only MP that will be truthful to us, the public.
David Casey, Preston, Lancashire

I can't help but notice how much your Tories seem like American Democrats
Mike, Atlanta, USA

I can't help but notice how much your Tories seem like American Democrats. They have had their signature issues co-opted by the main opposition party, they are constantly criticized for lacking a positive agenda, and their leader claims to have supported the Iraq war but somehow opposes its leader for the rationale he provided. Kudos to Labour for managing a win despite an unpopular war. That just goes to show how thoroughly disorganized the Conservatives really are.
Mike, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I am astonished how low the turnout has been considering that this election focused on Blair's integrity on Iraq. With so many people questioning the Prime Minister's actions on Iraq I would have thought a large percentage of the voting population would have exercised their democratic right to vote. Has apathy taken hold?
Ken Campbell, Glasgow, Scotland

First Bush is returned and now Blair. I despair.
Bob, New Zealand

I thought the candidate who stood against Blair after his son died in Iraq was fantastic. It took so much courage, more than most journalists have ever had in front of the PM.
James, Nottingham, England

Reg Keys gave the moment of the night. Great speech.
William Shaw, Brighton, UK

The UK is one of the greatest countries in the world. Today the British people decided the election, not the terrorists. Bravo UK.
David, Mexico

I'm aware freedom of speech is a basic right in our country, but what can be done to get rid of the BNP, by the public or the government?
Anthony, Notts, UK

As it happens so often these days, the lesser evil prevails.
Venkat Maruthamuthu

Congratulations to Peter Law on his dramatic win in Blaenau Gwent
Adam and Phillippa, Blaina

Congratulations to Peter Law on his dramatic win in Blaenau Gwent - the people of Blaenau Gwent have voted to show New Labour that they cannot be ignored any more - best of luck in Westminster
Adam and Phillippa Rykala, Blaina, Blaenau Gwent

Congratulations to the Labour Party! For those of you who may be unhappy with Blair, we have it far worse - we have Bush! I'd trade Bush for Blair any day.
Burr Carter, Tampa, FL, USA

The strange patterns in Lib Dem results can be explained by their prominent opposition to the war and explicit tax policies. This has attracted old labour voters but scared off potential Tory floaters who have found their homes in places as disparate as the BNP and UKIP.
James Dwyer, Dublin, Ireland

When you can watch swings as high as double figures from one party to another, representing changes in the view of thousands of voters, and yet see the representation of those people remain utterly unchanged, something is wrong. If losing 75% of your majority doesn't even hurt, you're not really representing anything.
Chris, Cambridge, UK

How can anyone vote for a party, whose main ambition is to be second place?
Andrew, Fylde
I admire the persistence of the Lib Dems lost cause, how can anyone vote for a party, whose main ambition is to be second place? Second place is first loser. I just hope that the Conservative values will ring true by the next election, as voting Liberal Democrat, seems just to be the fashionable thing to do for the champagne socialists of this country.
Andrew, Fylde, England

Labour has suffered a tremendous loss. The majority of the people voiced their disapproval of the party and voted for the opposition. Nonetheless, Labour will remain in power due to the first past the post system employed in our country. This election is merely a reminder that the system must be modified to express the will of the people.
John Milton, Brighton

The parties of Leeds Central should be ashamed. Two floating votes on offer in my household and not one could be bothered to try and take it. It wouldn't have needed much.
Tom Heywood, Leeds, England

Blair should have better informed the people of the United Kingdom about the war
Gerald Dixon, Lincoln Park

I watch British politics very closely. As an American who doesn't approve of the war in Iraq, I think Blair should have better informed the people of the United Kingdom about the war. He should have been straight forward about committing the British troops in Iraq.

On the level of economics, Blair has shown himself worthy of being re-elected. He has lowered crime and helped curb anti-social behaviour. Even though I can't vote I hope the Labour Party remains the majority in the House of Commons.
Gerald Dixon, Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA

It's interesting following the election for the first time from afar. With regard to the results thus far - I think generally unsurprising, however, it will be interesting to know the final turnout. It seems inevitable that Labour will win with a reduced majority, but then the Tories are failing to provide a viable alternative.
Dr Dafydd Davies, Wellington, New Zealand

I would have ticked the box that said none of the aboveż if it existed. They are all as bad as each other!
Graham, Bishop's Stortford

I am pleased that every other candidate in Glasgow central constituency is refusing to stand at the declaration podium with the BNP candidate.
Ewan, Edinburgh

I can't help but think that the turnout would be higher if one could choose the polling station to attend. I walked a considerable difference, in the opposite direction to work to vote - whilst there was at least one station between my home and workplace.
Paul Gitsham, Manchester

A reduced Labour majority is a victory for British democracy. I find it depressing that the BNP can return a vote as high as 9%. It's shameful.
Samuel Thorley, Betley, Cheshire

We are clearly heading the way of the French (Chirac election) - there is no choice! Tony Blair did not deserve this win but perhaps Labour did!
Becky, Strasbourg, France

I think Labour's lost a lot of support but it hasn't consolidated towards any party significantly enough to cause a spectacular upset. The only question left to answer is how badly or well will the pro-Blair Labour MPs do.
Zak, Rochdale

Considering that Tony Blair provided the intellectual justification for the American war in Iraq, the low American interest in the election outcome surprises me.
John, Cambridge, USA

People remember what happened under the Conservatives and are giving Labour more time to continue to repair the damage that they did to the public services and the economy.
Russell Dixon, Liverpool

Watching Labour win again reminds me why I left Britain.
Liz (no longer in UK)

I really can't understand how so many people have voted for Labour after two terms of watching Mr Blair destroy and sell the control over our rights, liberties, and laws to faceless bureaucrats in Europe.
John, Retford

The sooner we have Regional Government, the better.
Neil, Leeds

Those students who have the ability should be allowed to shine regardless of their financial status
Lizzie and Vicky, Oxford

Having come home from the pub, we realise that Labour are going to win a third term in office. We, as finals students, hope that Labour listen to the country and at last do everything in their power to promote student welfare for those that come after us. We are going to into the workplace with spiralling debts of £15,000 and counting.

Labour continue to promote the benefits of higher education, however are making it harder and harder for students who can't pay to reach their full potential. Those students who have the ability should be allowed to shine regardless of their financial status.
Lizzie and Vicky, Oxford

Labour will surely win. I am confident of that.
Eshun Ndede Ackah, Kumasi, Ghana

Tony may have this one cinched, but by the next election the whole country will realise what he has done, and he will get no votes at all. Roll on that day!
Lucie Suckling, Saffron Walden (currently Maryland, USA)

You have properly punished Mr Blair without allowing the Tories to unduly benefit
D Beggs, Gold River, Canada

Congratulations and bravo to you Brits. You have properly punished Mr Blair without allowing the Tories to unduly benefit. Now, let us hope your Labour Party will possess the good sense to hold a leadership review early on. Britain deserves a person of integrity in its leadership.
D Beggs, Gold River, BC, Canada

I find it astonishing that Labour are holding so many seats in poor communities when they clearly don't serve them.
N McGill, Ayr

This isn't an election about who people like the most but who they dislike the least. Very few people that I know like Tony Blair. The recent Iraq revelations should have scuppered his chances completely, if only the Conservatives had put up a half decent candidate. Only true-blue Tories could fail to recognise just how intensely most of the British public dislikes Michael Howard. Next time they should pick a candidate the undecideds don't despise.
Gary P, Hong Kong

Labour losses in the South are predictable. We are fed up with Prescott's attempts to over-develop the SE and wreck our environment. The Tories are seen as the party most likely to contest this.
Andrew Kent, Horley, Surrey

I'm not very happy that Labour are going to do a third term. In fact, my belief either the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats should have won. I will never ever forgive Tony Blair.
John Ledward, Stafford, England

Good on Iain Duncan Smith for pointing out that it isn't important who is the face on the cover of a party but what is inside that counts. It's also refreshing to see a politician not try to worm his way out of questions and answer them honestly.
Jonathan Last, Sutton, England

It's a pity that the problems of uncontrolled immigration and over-taxing are being largely ignored. Hopefully Michael Howard can build to a Tory victory in 2009 but just think what could happen before then.
Clarissa, Isle of Man

I'm in Dunbartonshire East, and congratulations to Jo Swinson. I was very pleased not only to see that you won, but also that the turnout was 72.1%, the joint highest in Scotland!
James McEnaney, Glasgow, Scotland

Blair is as strong a leader as you would want, with an excellent economist by his side
Martin, Motherwell

Yet again, Labour get my vote. Blair is as strong a leader as you would want, with an excellent economist by his side. Why would you want anything else? For those that still gripe on about the war - it's so easy to criticize the driver... when you're sitting in the back seat.

When voting today I took a moment to think of the Iraqi people who were able to vote freely this year after decades of tyranny, thanks to the actions of Messrs Bush and Blair. What we take for granted in this country was only delivered through blood, sweat and tears of two World Wars. Something to think about.
Martin, Motherwell, Scotland

First would like to say I'm annoyed at the wait until tomorrow for the results of NI elections to Westminster. Secondly, I'd like to say that the person who stated they knew of people who used multiple votes should inform the police. Finally, obviously being in NI I could not vote for Labour but if I could I would have but only because of Blair's leadership.
Lyndsey, Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland

For Labour, anything less that a 40 majority could mean borrowed time for Blair as PM.
Anti-Labour voter

Despite the extremely partisan nature of newspapers in Britain, I am impressed that the pivotal issues surrounding your elections are serious (like the war in Iraq). As an American I wish we could be so lucky, but instead we have to deal with whatever the radical Christian right stirs up. I wish we were more like you guys.
Brendan, Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA

They appear to have done well against Labour, but have allowed the Conservatives to regain some momentum
Daniel, Mildenhall

A wasted opportunity for the Lib Dems. If they had fought harder against the Conservative policies, they may have gained some of their seats and brought the demise of that irrelevant party a bit closer. Instead, they appear to have done well against Labour, but have allowed the Conservatives to regain some momentum.
Daniel, Mildenhall, Suffolk

I hope the distribution of postal votes will be reported separately. That would either support the worries over fraud - or knock them on the head - in key marginals. The last thing we need is a cover up.
Peter Leadlay, Cambridge

I did not have to show any ID to vote - I could have been anybody! At least you should have to produce a valid passport/drivers licence. I don't find it a reassurance in these times of re-counts and postal vote cheating!
S Beckham, Bexleyheath, England

Andrew Marr was not so clever about the Hornsey and Wood Green result: Lynne Featherstone the Lib Dem winner works far harder for people in this part of London than Barbara Roche ever did. The war was a poor secondary issue in this constituency; after all, who hadn't seen through the PM's and Jack Straw's subterfuges long before the invasion took place?
Dan Bird, Muswell Hill, England

After seeing the results so far I think the Lib Dems can be very pleased with the percentage swing their way. If this continues I don't think they will classed as the third party much longer.
Debbie, Redditch

Is it just me or is it not notable that Labour are about to win a third term despite an unpopular war, a split party and an unpleasant, populist campaign from the Tories? Watching the coverage you'd think the Lib Dems and Tories were somehow co-victors rather that Labour maintaining a significantly workable majority, however reduced.
Jon, USA (UK citizen)

It was always impossible for the Tories to overturn a majority of 160 tonight. They lost this election in 2001, and this is William Hague's legacy to Britain. Michael Howard's achievement tonight is that a Tory victory in 2009/10 is now at least a possibility. It's still a better night for Labour than the Tories: a third term; a not too shabby majority; no progress in the Tory share of the vote. It's still going to be difficult for the Tories next time, when Blair will no longer be PM.
Lindsay O'Regan, Troon, Ayrshire

Considering the interactive coverage on the BBC of the election, and the relatively average turn out so far, do you think we should have an e-voting system, to encourage more voters?
Dave, Watford, Hertfordshire

This has got to be the most boring non-event election I have ever known everyone I speak to says they have not voted. Now I see that only 49% voted should this be sending the parties a message.
Paul Burrage, Southend-on-Sea

Tonight's results are very interesting but I think that as almost all results so far have given reduced majorities, the next election could be even more knife-edge with so many additional marginals across the three way divide.
David Perkins, London, England

Election night specials have just got interesting after 31 years waiting
Alan Campion, London
Thank you to whoever is the third party in each constituency. Election night specials have just got interesting after 31 years waiting. Even the pundits don't know!
Alan Campion, London

I wonder how many Tory voters who live in safe Labour seats have voted Liberal as the best way of removing the Labour candidate?
Paul, London

I think considering the standing down of Robin Cook, and now Alan Milburn for different reasons is it time we have "I'm a Labour MP get me out of here?"
Dave, Watford, Hertfordshire

It's nice to see the Conservative Party taking seats from Labour. After living in London for four years I felt like most people were socially liberal but economically conservative. I expect Labour to continue to lose seats in the next election as well.
Nate, New York, USA

We are both hoping that Lib Dem get in this year... with a big majority!
Robyn and Gus, Port Talbot

I think Plaid Cymru should win for Wales
Robert, Newport South
I think Plaid Cymru should win for Wales as they seem bothered about the welsh whereas labour and conservatives seems to care about what happens in England and not Wales even though we are part of the UK.
Robert, Newport South

I voted in my home town this year as the loony candidate seemed the only sensible offer!
Gemma Williams, Leeds Uni, Leeds

Given that UKIP are doing better than (I) expected do you think the Cons would have fared better if they had made EEC membership more of an issue?
Sue Edge, Luton, Beds

I am only 12 and I still am enjoying the election, my verdict, go Charles Kennedy and go Sandra Johnson, my Lib Dem candidate. And all this makes me want to be the national Lib Dem candidate when I am older.
Stephen Waite, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire

Labour doesn't deserve a third term and the Conservatives don't deserve anything. The Lib Dems are the only real option this country has and they've been overlooked again due to the mud-slinging tactics of the two major parties.
Nick Garratt, Manchester, England

I predict that Tony Blair will stand down as leader of the Labour Party today 6th May and give his full support to Gordon Brown as the next leader of the Party and PM of Great Britain
Fintan Walton, Oxford UK, currently in Australia

When are the Lib Dems going to be given a chance?
Finn Bjerke, Denmark
A non-democratic system ruled by two conservative parties. When are the Lib Dems going to be given a chance?
Finn Bjerke, Denmark

As a citizen of the US who believes that both UK and US populations were lied to about a war we should not have begun, I still would gladly trade our president for your PM Mr. Blair, from my perspective, demonstrates intelligence, and, I believe, has helped make the UK more prosperous and humanitarian than have many of his predecessors. As my country is increasingly influenced by reactionary religious and political leaders, I hope that yours, regardless of the preciousness of the alliance, would be wary of further entanglements such as this one.
J. Kaiser, Boulder Creek, USA

The most inspirational, unprecedented leader for us young professionals - Tony Blair. He deserves this victory.
Rose Hobson, Shoreditch, London

Labour Party will win with a small majority
Shifan Razick, Sri Lanka

Am I the only person in this country who thinks the voting system is in shambles? I have some mates from University who have cast up to three ballots today due to ballots being sent to their original homes, university addresses and indeed impersonating absent housemates!
Martin Jones, Bridgend, Wales

I can't go to bed for fear of the Lib Dems getting in
Dom, Godalming
I can't go to bed for fear of the Lib Dems getting in! I'd rather see Labour get back in and that's saying something. Voted Conservative but we're not doing so well at the moment!
Dom, Godalming

Proportional representation wouldn't have made any difference. It's flawed and so is first past the post, there is no ideal electoral system. Prop rep leads to ineffective governments and first past the post leads to unrepresentative ones. We can't win.
Pelham, Hull, East Yorks

I don't think any of the parties will be sleeping too well tonight
Khushal Hirani, Cardiff

We greatly admire your ability to call an election and get it over in a few weeks. If only we had adopted that bit of British culture.
DW Erbach, Indiana, USA

Labour victory however minimal is an obvious vote of public conscience and realism. One must perceive to adhere to the views of a realistic, positive and modern political party. The war on Iraq and its subsequent impact on swing voters is a case of Tory intransigence and political negligence. Tony Blair will continue to lead this country into a vibrant, political and economical future. Well done Labour.
Joseph Wilson, Islington, London

Why has Blair called an election when he still has 14 months to go before he needs to? Not one journalist or opposition leader has asked this question!
Robert Warner, Warwick, UK

My views on key issues such as Iraq weren't represented by my elected representatives
Demetri Panayi, London

Over the course of the last term my views on key issues such as Iraq weren't represented by my elected representatives and despite voting today I don't expect the MPs will listen to the public again until the next election. And they wonder why people don't vote.
Demetri Panayi, London, UK

Labour promised PR in 1997 and with many promises have failed to keep it. It's time for true democracy. First past the post is an anachronism, let's create a real democracy and have a representative House of Commons.
Andrew Corcoran, Leicester

Sure, Putney is a good result for Con - but so early on, is it not very possible that the Con candidate ran a much better campaign that her opponents? The swing so far has been to LD, and Putney could be a rogue result...
Giovanni Morvino, Edinburgh, UK

I cannot comment honestly on asylum as I live in Kent
Joanna Taylor-Cleary, Herne Bay

Single mum with four daughters. Voted Labour before but Conservative today. I feel that we have no law and order in the country, our NHS is critically infected with MRSA, education is simply awful and Iraq, along with USA relationship, is so very wrong. Not a great deal has been mentioned about Europe in this election. I cannot comment honestly on asylum as I live in Kent and am used to the mass numbers arriving here, over the years.

They have become part of our life. Don't know if Tories will be any better, but do not like Liberal Democrats views on drugs, dealers etc! I'm not a typical single mum; I work, own my home and my girls are all on the right track. I need them to start believing in 'Great' Britain as there isn't much that is great about it at the moment.
Joanna Taylor-Cleary, Herne Bay, Kent

I voted tactically for the first time this election, and feel awful. Since 1983 I've always cast a positive vote and wish that there had been a local candidate I could have positively voted for.
Lee Binnington, Hull, England

I wouldn't recommend proportional representation to anyone. Here in Bulgaria we have big troubles with thus based system. It does create a lot of instability and fragmentation in the parties as well as irresponsible MPs. MPs tied to their voters rather than to their party's leader would do their job better and would be much more motivated. Moreover, British democracy is one I look up to and, in my view, sets democratic standards for the world. That's why the UK election is so important, not only for Britain itself but also for the democratic world as well, especially for the underdeveloped democracies.
Simon, Bulgaria

No-one got my vote, nobody deserved it, and not one of them convinced me that they would do what they promised to achieve
Bill Smith, Blackpool

No-one got my vote, nobody deserved it, and not one of them convinced me that they would do what they promised to achieve... especially Mr Blair. He has sold our country to Europe. He has done nothing whatsoever to convince me in all the time he has been prime minister that he is capable of running this country. I do not trust him one bit, he might have convinced some people, but not me. All he does is try to tell you what you want to hear, and then goes and does the opposite... and some of you voters give him your vote. When will you learn?
Bill Smith, Blackpool

First time voter - voted for UKIP. It won't make any difference in the constituency I'm in, but at least I voted - if you don't vote, don't complain afterwards.
Matt, London

I hope that the British would spare a thought before changing their electoral system... Proportional Representation isn't even half as fun to watch.
John Penta, Scranton, PA, USA

We should have PR. I only voted because my 9-year-old son wanted to experience it. I spoilt my ballet paper as an unheard protest that my opinion does not count.
Stephen Morrison, Fleet, UK

If the death of every UK serviceman/woman and civilian in Iraq cannot prick Tony Blair's conscience maybe losing the election will.
Paul Fitzsimmons, Liverpool

I will never call a fellow adult a liar, more so the Prime Minister of the UK. For Michael Howard to resort to calling Tony Blair a "liar" over the Iraq war while also admitting that he too would have taken the same decision, that is, to go to war on the basis of the evidence that he had clearly portrayed him to me as a cheap opportunist.
Stanley Eyanagho, Thamesmead, London

Boris Johnson for PM! This is all boring me... I'm going to bed...
John, Southampton

I think that the BBC should start broadcasting proper news about the election rather than using poor impersonators of the American leadership - this is not what we pay our TV licenses for.
Jo, Newport, Wales

It's time for Britain to have a more democratic election system. My favourite is the German system which gives you decent proportional representation as well as the personal touch through your constituency vote.
Simone, Durham

There was too much in the way of insults. The campaign has seemed far too focused on insulting the other party leaders rather than focusing on why their policies will work.
Richard Squibb, IOW

Lib Dems have the highest increase in every one of the seats declared so far. I think the exit poll did them a disservice, and that they will be the big winners of tonight.
Andy Kerr, Dunfermline, Scotland

I held my nose and voted Labour to stop the Conservatives
Ian Cawood, Leamington
I held my nose and voted Labour to stop the Conservatives adding to the 18 years they spent ruining the country I was born in. Enough young voters think the same and will welcome a reduced Labour majority.
Ian Cawood, Leamington, Warwickshire

Places where they use a voting system that only works for 2 candidates, and returns winners with less than 50% of the vote can't reasonably claim to be Democracies. Democracies use proportional representation, or least Single Transferable Vote to ensure that the candidate who wins is the one the voters want and hasn't just split the opposing votes.
Bill, Portland Oregon USA

You vote for an MP, not the leader or the cabinet. The leader forces the MP you voted for to tow the party line. The powers that be force the PM to tow the corporate line. Hence the public are rendered powerless thought the parliamentary system. Forget the ballot box, it doesn't work. Find another way
Max, London

I took my children (aged 4 and 6) with me to the polling station today - I think it's really important that they learn early how important it is to exercise our civil responsibilities and vote! (It was funny when my son wanted to know why I voted for the "Little Democrats" though!)
Sarah Barber, Billericay, UK

I think the war issue has been judged differently by women than men. A large number of women will have seen their vote cast as a protest against war of any kind. Do men see the bigger picture? If we hadn't been involved with Iraq would Labour be sitting on another landslide?
Gordon Lawrenson, Ripon