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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 April, 2005, 12:50 GMT 13:50 UK
Test your election knowledge

Tony Blair has fired the starting gun for the 2005 general election. Test your knowledge of previous poll battles with our election quiz.

Question 1
What was Craig Evans’ claim to fame in the 2001 general election?
A: He polled the fewest votes of any candidate
B: He was punched by John Prescott
C: He stood as an independent candidate campaigning against the closure of his local hospital, and won
D: He was revealed as Clare Short’s long lost son
Question 2
Which of these television programmes was not pulled from the schedules by the BBC in the run up to a general election?
A: Newsnight
B: Not the Nine O’Clock News
C: That Was the Week that Was
Question 3
When was the last time a general election was not held on a Thursday?
A: 1931
B: 1945
C: Never - elections are always held on Thursdays
Question 4
Which of these people is not standing against Tony Blair in his Sedgefield constituency?
A: Ex-spy David Shayler
B: Reg Keys, whose son died in Iraq
C: Anti-war MP George Galloway
Question 5
Which Lib Dem MP will be defending the smallest parliamentary majority?
A: Patsy Calton
B: Sarah Teather
C: Mark Oaten
Question 6
Only one of these groups is allowed to vote in a general election – but which one is it?
A: Convicted prisoners
B: People considered mentally incapable of making a reasoned judgement
C: Members of the Royal Family
Question 7
Sunderland South has been the fastest constituency to declare a result for the past three general elections. How long did its count take in 2001?
A: 23 minutes
B: 43 minutes
C: One hour and 43 minutes
Question 8
"Any future government which sets out honestly to reduce inflation and taxation will have to make substantial economies" - a quote from a Conservative election manifesto. But which year?
A: 2001
B: 1979
C: 1950
Question 9
"No more dole queues, in order to let the Czars of Big Business remain kings in their own castles" – a quote from a Labour election manifesto. But which year?
A: 1945
B: 1979
C: 1997
Question 10
Which party has won the largest overall majority in House of Commons seats since 1945?
A: Labour 1997
B: Conservative 1987
C: Labour 1945
D: Conservative 1983
Question 11
Only one of these people would be allowed to stand as a candidate at a general election. Which one?
A: A serving army officer
B: A citizen of the Republic of Ireland
C: An undischarged bankrupt

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