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Last Updated: Monday, 25 April, 2005, 14:08 GMT 15:08 UK
UKIP wants freedom from Brussels
UKIP logo
UKIP is fighting seats across Yorkshire and the Humber
The UK Independence Party (UKIP) says it wants to free people from control by lawmakers in Brussels.

Speaking about their election campaign in Yorkshire, MEP Godfrey Bloom claimed UKIP's policy of leaving the EU is going down well on the doorsteps.

"People are becoming more and more aware that our laws are coming from Brussels. Every element of our lives depends on European law," he said.

UKIP is fielding nearly 30 candidates in Yorkshire and the Humber on 5 May.

Mr Bloom was elected as one of the region's representatives in the European Parliament in June 2004 and says his party's MEPs have done much to expose corruption and fraud in the European Commission.

We're fighting for more democracy within politics
Richard Jackson
UKIP claims one benefit of leaving the EU would be that the UK could be more free to pass new laws on immigration.

"There are just too may people in this little island," said Mr Bloom. "Enough is enough.

"But I know we need immigrants for economic reasons."

UKIP does not want the total population of the country to be forced up by immigration.

"The way to control it is through a proper system of work permits which could be extended and then naturalisation could be considered," explained Mr Bloom.

Unruly pupils

The MEP said UKIP also wants to make the council tax system fairer by taking into account the number of wage-earners in a household.

Its manifesto also promises schools more autonomy with head teachers given the final say on expelling unruly pupils.

Another of the party's Yorkshire members, Richard Jackson, claimed UKIP MPs would be less restricted by the party whips and have freedom to represent the views of their constituents.

"We're fighting for more democracy within politics," he said.

"It's more power to the people than to politicians."