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Last Updated: Monday, 11 April, 2005, 16:34 GMT 17:34 UK
Poster posers

POSTED: Monday 11 April, 1330BST

Last week we asked you to send us your pictures of election posters you happened to see around the country, while in no way encouraging anyone to indulge in graffiti (or criminal damage as it is liable to be called). Here are just a couple of the photos you've sent in so far.

The top, sent to us by Steve Anderson, is not actually graffiti. He spotted that one of the pieces of the poster had been stuck on crooked, which meant that the party's slogan reads as FORWAR NOT BACK.

The Conservative series of "handwritten" posters, especially susceptible to graffitists because of their style, have been seen all across the country. Among the variations seen are "The law should protect me, not burglars" with "burglars" subtly changed to "the rich","Are you thinking that we're stinking?". Swearing also features heavily.

The lower poster was sent by Jonathan H, who saw it in Reading.

And a reminder: We still want you to let us know if you get a phone call from a party leader (especially if you've got it captured on your answering machine), spam from the parties, or if you see amusing posters. Let us know by clicking "your comments" and use the form at the bottom of the page - or by e-mailing pictures directly to (reading this page of instructions first).

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I have had three e-mails from the Labour party - the unsubscibe link hasn't worked on any of them. I have sent increasingly irate replies pointing this out - as in 'what part of don't send me any messages do not understand ?' - and they're still mailing me. Do other Magazine readers find the unsubscribe links don't work - is it all a conspiracy ?
Frances, Cambridge UK

Today I received a letter from my MP. I have contacted her twice and twice she replied saying she couldn't help. The letter informs me that should I need any further help she cant help till after the election. So I now have 28 days to wait until she can be of no help to me again.
Phil Owens, Liverpool

The Tory election poster by Seven Sisters has taken a new twist. "Bring back matron and you'll get better hospitals ...and a good spanking".
Alon Or-bach, London, UK

We've had a flyer from the Lib Dems which mentions our Conservative candidate here by the wrong name.
Philip, Oxford, UK

My local Tory candidate just sent me a large amount of election material despite the fact that I am only 17.
David Russell, Newton Mearns, Scotland

I had a DVD from the Labour party - it's entitled 'Proud of Colne Valley' and makes a lovely coffee mat.
Andy Riley, Hudderfield My wife and I have both received letters from our defending Labour MP, but a letter from Gordon Brown was addressed to my wife only and was on a first name footing. Am I missing something here, or have I simply upset Gordon Brown? P.S. I can beat the guy from Nottingham. I once received several letters and phone calls from the Lib Dems asking me for help in a by-election, in the north of Scotland.
David, Tamworth, Staffs. UK

In response to Paul Watson of Enfield, taking a quote directly from the BBC website "the Information Commissioner has issued guidelines reiterating that political parties have to keep to the rules that prohibit unsolicited marketing calls to people who have signed up to the telephone preference service." So it is clear that both the Tory and Labour Parties are breaking the rules.
NIch Starling, Norfolk

I get regular personally addressed letter request for money for the Lib Dems and when I complained about being asked for my name and address each time and about duplicated requests in different paid envelopes from the same office they ignored me. When I e-mailed them and said I was not renewing my membership, they ignored that too. Admin is not their forte.
Peter Collins, Trowbridge

I had a very oily sounding Michael Howard on the phone yesterday, asking if he could count on my vote, but it turned out to be my boyfriend Pete doing a frighteningly passable impersonation. I might vote for Pete, actually...
Sue Lee, Twickenham



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