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Welsh Labour pledge to help create 50,000 jobs


Peter Hain told an audience of party activists that a Labour Government in Westminster would bring new hi-tech jobs to Wales

Labour have promised they will help with the creation of as many as 50,000 jobs in Wales if they are re-elected.

The party launched their Welsh general election campaign by pledging to encourage a hi-tech economy, along with exports and investment in business.

Welsh Secretary Peter Hain said Wales should focus on "green energy jobs" and the "dot Cymru, dot com revolution".

First Minister Carwyn Jones said Labour would give business "our full support in creating wealth and jobs".

Labour, which won 29 of the 40 Welsh seats at the 2005 election, cited a report on the Purchasing Managers' Index, showing growth in the private sector in Wales rose for the 11th successive month to March.

Welsh Secretary Peter Hain
Wales had a strong manufacturing base in the heavy industry of the past, now we need to build a strong base in the new manufacturing of the future
Welsh Secretary Peter Hain

"Rebuilding the Welsh economy means securing the recovery and investing in future growth and jobs, not cutting back on jobs support," said Mr Hain at the launch in Rhyl, Denbighshire.

"In Wales we will back business to create up to 50,000 new jobs. We will encourage our economy to grow through advanced technology, exports and business investment.

"Wales had a strong manufacturing base in the heavy industry of the past, now we need to build a strong base in the new manufacturing of the future - low carbon, digital and biotechnology."

Mr Hain said Labour would electrify the rail line to Swansea, and bring in a "50p monthly levy on telephone rentals" which would give broadband access "to Welsh families and businesses that would be let down by the free market policy of the Tories who oppose our pledge to provide broadband for the many not the few in Wales."

He also claimed that investment through £340m in UK government loans to Airbus factories at Broughton, Flintshire, and Filton, near Bristol, was "under threat from the Tories."

Mr Jones said Labour's UK manifesto was "pro-business, pro-enterprise and pro-industry manifesto" and his party "has always understood that a key driver of economic growth is private enterprise".

He said business also needed a stable economy, and Labour would radically reform economic and financial institutions.

Labour would also set up the Green Bank, "to invest in low carbon infrastructure".

Mr Jones added: "We are embarking on a major modernisation of our energy infrastructure to ensure that Welsh families and businesses have secure and resilient supplies, we meet our carbon targets and we create new green jobs."

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