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Left wingers hit election trail

Colin Fox and Tommy Sheridan
Colin Fox [left] and Tommy Sheridan both lead left wing parties

Over the recent past the main political parties have been accused of trying to occupy the middle ground of politics, but there are parties in Scottish politics today who are staying firmly to the left.

Despite losing all their seats at the Holyrood elections three years ago, the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) are fielding 10 candidates at 6 May poll.

And several left wing organisations have come together to form the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). They are putting up 42 candidates across the UK, with 10 in Scotland.

The SSP's national spokesman is Colin Fox and Tommy Sheridan, who is the convenor of Solidarity, has teamed up with TUSC at this election.

Mr Fox said his party and its manifesto was focussing on the "worst economic crisis in 80 years".

He asked: "Why do ordinary people have to pay for something the bankers inflicted on us? It is immoral and unjust."

Mr Fox believes the £100bn earmarked for a new generation of Trident would be better spent in the community on schools and hospitals.

The trade union coalition has inspired Mr Sheridan to join the fight once more to be a parliamentary representative.

He had been an MSP at Holyrood until he lost his seat in 2007.

Mr Sheridan has accused the Labour Party of "abandoning the idea of the working class having a voice in parliament".

He added: "The economic system, capitalism, has proved over the last few years it is a disaster for ordinary working people."


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