1. 0007: It's been a dramatic week - the killing of arguably the world's most wanted man and the emergence of intriguing details about where he was hiding. Questions remain of course, including concerns over Pakistan's failure to detect Bin Laden and about exactly how the US raid was planned and executed. We're going to end our live coverage now, but we'll have all the latest on the aftermath of Osama Bin Laden's death over the coming days and weeks. Thanks for following events with us.
Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland"s First Minister Peter Robinson reacts after losing his Belfast East seat to Naomi Long
Peter Robinson loses his East Belfast seat to the Alliance deputy leader Naomi Long in a bad night for unionist leaders.

How NI candidates fared across the water
Where does a bad election night leave unionism?
The rise and fall of Peter Robinson

Northern Ireland scoreboard

Party Seats Change
Democratic Unionist Party 8 -1
Sinn Fein 5 0
SDLP 3 0
Alliance 1 +1
Others 1 +1

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