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Election 2010 : Northern Ireland candidates

Margaret Ritchie
Margaret Ritchie is the SDLP leader

The SDLP - Social Democratic and Labour Party - was born in 1970 out of the civil rights movement which came before the Troubles.

Former leaders John Hume and Mark Durkan are seen as two of the main architects of the Good Friday Agreement.

The SDLP was the dominant political force among Northern Ireland nationalists until 2003 when it was overtaken by Sinn Fein at the Northern Ireland Assembly election.

Led by Margaret Ritchie, the party is fielding candidates in all 18 of Northern Ireland's constituencies.


Justin McCamphill

Justin McCamphill is a teacher from Dunloy. Mr McCamphill is a member of the SDLP executive and former assistant treasurer of the party. He has stood for the party in two council elections. This is his first general election.


Mary Muldoon

Mary Muldoon is a former primary school principal. She was a Belfast City Councillor for 16 years, representing West Belfast. Mrs Muldoon has served as chairwoman of the Belfast Education and Library Board's education committee. At the last general election, she came fifth in East Belfast with 2.7% of the vote.


Thomas Conway

Thomas Conway was first elected in 2001 to Derry City Council, where he represents the rural ward. Mr Conway is a full-time farmer with a particular interest in rural issues.


Fearghal McKinney

Fearghal McKinney is a former UTV political reporter who worked in the media for more than 25 years. Mr McKinney left UTV in 2009 to set up a digital media business. He is originally from Enniskillen. This is his first general election.


Mark Durkan

Mark Durkan has been involved in politics since 1983 when he dropped out of his politics course at Queen's University to work for John Hume. Mr Durkan succeeded Mr Hume as SDLP leader in 2001, and at the 2005 general election he also replaced him as MP for Foyle. He stepped down as party leader last September to concentrate on his Westminster duties. At the last general election, he took 46.3% of the vote.


Brian Heading

Brian Heading was co-opted onto Lisburn City Council in 2004, and is the leader of the SDLP group on the council. He was chair of the council's leisure services committee from 2007- 2009 and currently sits on its economic development committee. He works in Queen's University Belfast. This is his first general election.


Tony Quinn

Tony Quinn is the chairman of Cookstown Council. Mr Quinn is a self-employed credit controller, a member of the Cookstown District Policing Partnership and a member of the Board of Visitors for the NI Prison Service. This is his first general election.


Dominic Bradley

Dominic Bradley worked as a teacher for 26 years and is a keen Irish language speaker. Mr Bradley is the SDLP's education spokesman. He has written a number of plays in English and Irish. He has been an assembly member since 2003. At the last general election, he came second in the constituency with 25.2% of the vote.


Declan O'Loan

Declan O'Loan is the SDLP's finance spokesman. Mr O'Loan sits on the Assembly's Finance Committee and is chair of the Assembly's Standards and Privileges Committee. A former mathematics teacher, he has been a member of the party for more than 20 years. He is married to former Police Ombudsman Dame Nuala O'Loan. This is his first general election.


Alban Maginness

Alban Maginness is a barrister who has been a Belfast City Councillor since 1985 and served as party chairman from 1984-1991. He was the party's candidate in the 2009 European election. In the last general election, he came third with 16.2% of the vote.


Liam Logan

Liam Logan is an Ulster Scots enthusiast who retired last year to concentrate on consultancy work with the Language Diversity Project. Mr Logan is involved with a number of film and television projects in development. Before retiring, he worked as a senior planning officer for the North and West Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. At the 2005 general election, he came fourth in North Down with 3.1% of the vote.


Michelle Byrne

Michelle Byrne joined the SDLP while she was at Queen's University Belfast. She is a recent politics graduate and has represented the party at a number of university conferences in the US. Ms Byrne has worked as a parliamentary assistant for former assembly member Carmel Hanna. This is her first general election.


Alasdair McDonnell

Alasdair McDonnell has worked as a GP in south Belfast. Dr McDonnell first stood as a Westminster candidate in 1970 and was elected to Belfast City Council in 1977. He has been an assembly member since 1998. He was the party's deputy leader from 2004 until earlier this year, when he was defeated by Margaret Ritchie in the contest for the SDLP leadership. At the last general election, he topped the poll in South Belfast with 32.3% of the vote.


Margaret Ritchie

Margaret Ritchie succeeded Mark Durkan as SDLP leader in February. Miss Ritchie was appointed Minister for Social Development in May 2007 and is the sole SDLP member of the Northern Ireland Executive. She joined the party in 1980 at the age of 22 and in 1985 she was elected to Down District Council. She was first elected as an assembly member on 2003. She was a parliamentary assistant and political researcher for outgoing South Down MP Eddie McGrady. This is her first general election.


Claire Hanna

Claire Hanna is the SDLP's International Secretary. Ms Hanna has been a member of the party from the age of 16. She works for an international aid development agency, and her professional and political work has taken her to places including Bangladesh, Georgia, Palestine and Zambia. She is the daughter of former South Belfast assembly member Carmel Hanna. This is her first general election.


Dolores Kelly

Dolores Kelly was elected to Craigavon Council in 1993 and became its first nationalist mayor in 1999. Ms Kelly worked as an occupational therapist before she was elected to the assembly in 2003. She was a member of the Policing Board and is the party's spokeswoman on Equality, Victims, Policing and Parades. At the last general election, she came fourth in Upper Bann with 12.9% of the vote.


Alex Attwood

Alex Attwood is a qualified solicitor who first joined Belfast City Council in 1985. Mr Attwood has been an assembly member since 1998. He is a member of the Policing Board and is the SDLP's spokesman on North/South matters. In the last general election, he came second in the constituency with 14.6% of the vote.


Joe Byrne

Joe Byrne is the SDLP's chairman. Mr Byrne was elected to Omagh District Council in 1993. He became an assembly member in 1998 but lost his seat in 2003. In 2005 he also lost his council seat. He has been a member of the Policing Board. He is an economics graduate and a college lecturer by profession. He did not stand in the last general election.

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