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Tories gain control of Gosport and Hart in local polls

There had previously been no majority in Gosport and Hart

The Conservatives in Hampshire have gained overall control of councils in Gosport and Hart in the local elections after having no overall majority.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats snatched power from the Tories at Winchester City Council.

The Tories retained their majority at councils in Fareham, Havant, Southampton, Basingstoke and Rushmoor.

The Liberal Democrats still control Eastleigh Borough Council and Portsmouth City Council.

Community Campaign

In Winchester the Conservatives lost their narrow majority of one, leaving the Lib Dems with overall power.

The council now has 29 Lib Dem councillors, while the Tories have 26 and there are two independents.

Gosport Borough Council is now under Conservative control after the party won five seats from the Lib Dems and one from Labour.

The Tories now have 22 seats, the Lib Dems have eight, Labour has three and there is one independent councillor.

The Conservatives also gained control of Hart District Council where there had previously been no party with an overall majority.

A Community Campaign councillor and two independents lost out to give the Conservatives three extra seats.

First black councillor

The council is now made up of 20 Tories, 10 Lib Dems and five Community Campaign councillors.

Havant has elected its first black councillor - Conservative Frida Edwards - who beat Lib Dem Steve Marshall by 37 votes to win the Bondfield ward.

In the borough, 58 candidates contested 15 of 38 seats. Conservatives now have 34 seats, Lib Dems have three and Labour, one.

The Conservatives also gained two seats in Southampton while Labour gained one and the Lib Dems lost three, leaving 28 Tories, 15 Labour councillors and five Lib Dems.

In Rushmoor, a third of the council's 42 seats were contested - Conservatives won 10 while the Lib Dems and Labour won two each.

Sophia Choudhary, who won the Rowhill Ward seat for the Conservatives, has become the first Asian woman to be elected in Rushmoor.

First Community

In Fareham, where 16 of 31 seats were contested, the Tories won in 10 wards, while the Lib Dems won six, leaving the Tories with 22 seats overall and the Lib Dems with nine.

Eastleigh Borough Council now consists of 39 Lib Dem councillors, four Tory and one Labour, while Portsmouth has 24 Lib Dems, 16 Tory and two Labour - Liberal Democrats gained one seat from the Conservatives.

In Basingstoke, Conservatives now have 34 seats, while Lib Dems has 14, Labour has 9, Basingstoke First Community Party has one and there are two independents.

In Winchester, the Conservative group won 10 of the 19 contested seats, while the Lib Dems won nine.

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