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Labour's Margaret Hodge 'smashes' BNP to hold Barking

Labour MP Margaret Hodge uses her victory speech to attack the BNP leader Nick Griffin (second left),

Labour veteran Margaret Hodge has held onto the east London seat of Barking after "smashing" the threat from the BNP.

She won the seat with 24,628 votes. Tory candidate Simon Marcus was second with 8,073 votes, followed by BNP leader Nick Griffin with 6,620 votes.

Ms Hodge, 65, said the message from Barking to the BNP was clear: "Get out and stay out."

Mr Griffin, 51, said the "hugely high" turnout of 61.8% counted against him.

Ms Hodge said she was proud and privileged to represent the borough and its victory for Labour values.

Margaret Hodge tells the BNP to get out and stay out

"But tonight is about much more," she said. "On behalf of all the people in Britain, we in Barking have not just beaten but we have smashed the attempt by the extreme right.

"The lesson from Barking to the BNP is clear: 'Get out and stay out, you're not wanted here and your vile politics have no place in British democracy'."

Frank Maloney, the boxing promoter, stood in the seat for the UK Independence Party, taking 1,300 votes in fifth place behind the Lib Dems, who won 3,719 votes.

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