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'Wrong names' printed on Vauxhall ballot papers

Polling station sign
Polling stations will close at 2200 BST

Council election ballot papers in a south London ward were printed with the wrong candidate names resulting in 26 people casting invalid votes.

Lambeth Council confirmed the ballot papers at Lilian Baylis Old School polling station in Princes ward, Vauxhall, had been misprinted.

It said the "isolated problem" was fixed within about 40 minutes and voting was now taking place as normal.

A voter who was advised to return later in the day said she was "outraged".

'No apology'

Hannah Ryland said she arrived at the polling station at 0745 BST, 45 minutes after the station was due open, but was told to "come back later".

The fashion student, who lives in Lambeth, said she was told she could vote in the general election but would not be able to return later to cast her vote in the local election.

The 25-year-old described "chaos" and "shouting in the street".

"A lot of elderly people had gone out especially and no one said sorry," she said.

If they are not in, we will put letters through their doors, and we will return again this evening to their homes
Lambeth Council

"I think it's disgraceful. On such an important day, it's not on," she said.

Lambeth Council the problem had been caused because of misprint on a single batch of ballot papers sent to a polling station.

"The papers were delivered to the council from external printers with incorrect names on them, although the correct name of the ward was printed on the back of the ballot paper," a council spokesman said.

Apologising for the inconvenience he said representatives would be visiting the homes of the 26 people who voted on the misprinted forms "to alert them so that they can recast their vote.

"If they are not in, we will put letters through their doors, and we will return again this evening to their homes," he said.

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