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Tories win Wiltshire with exception of Chippenham

People celebrating result
The Lib Dems took the Chippenham constituency

Conservatives have taken all the Wiltshire constituencies, with the exception of the new seat of Chippenham.

Liberal Democrat Duncan Hames polled 23,970 votes, becoming the party's first MP in the county.

He surpassed the 21,500 won by Tory Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, founder of the 'Black Farmer' food range.

The Tories took Devizes, Salisbury, Swindon North, Swindon South, Wiltshire North and Wiltshire South West.

The Chippenham seat was created by the Boundary Commission due to the growth in population of the market town.

After the count, Mr Hames said: "People really do want our politicians to grow up and to face the challenges which are ahead of us for the whole country and put aside petty political point scoring so that we can work together to try and find some answers."

Defeated Mr Emmanuel-Jones said: "It's such a shame. It's been a great battle. We came very close.

"I'm quite happy with the performance we gave, but I would like Duncan Hames to realise this is a great seat, it needs a great MP and it deserves someone to look after their interests."

Holding the seat

Robert Buckland snatched Swindon South from Labour's Anne Snelgrove with a majority of 3,544.

Ms Snelgrove had held the seat since 2005.

Conservative Claire Perry was elected in Devizes with a 13,005 majority. She takes over from Michael Ancram who has held the seat for the Tories since 1992.

Tory Andrew Murrison held Wiltshire South West.

In Salisbury, Tory John Glen won 23,859 votes, holding the seat while Lib Dem Nick Radford received 17,893 votes.

In Swindon North, Tory candidate Justin Tomlinson took the seat from Labour, with 22,408 votes to the latter's 15,348. The Tories scored a 7,060 majority.

The Tories also held Wiltshire North, with a majority of 7,483.

James Gray received 25,114 votes, followed by the Lib Dems' Mike Evemy with 17,631 and Labour's Jason Hughes with 3,239.

Local election results will be declared later on Friday.

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