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Conservatives gain seats in Derbyshire

The Conservatives have gained three seats from Labour so far in Derbyshire.

The Tories have taken High Peak, Derbyshire South and Erewash, while Labour have taken Chesterfield from the Liberal Democrats.

Toby Perkins took 17,891 votes for Labour - 549 votes ahead of Paul Holmes for the Liberal Democrats.

Elsewhere in the county, Labour held Bolsover, Derby North and Derbyshire North East, and the Tories held Derbyshire Dales and Derbyshire Mid.

A recount in the Amber Valley seat is expected to begin later.

Margaret Beckett has held onto her Derby South seat with 17,851 votes.

In the High Peak constituency there was a 6.8% swing towards the Conservatives with candidate Andrew Bingham taking 20,887 votes (41%).

Bolsover - 60.5%
Chesterfield - 63.8%
Derbyshire Dales - 73.8%
Derby North - 63.1%
Derby South - 58%
Derbyshire North East - 65.9%
Derbyshire Mid - 71.4%
Derbyshire South - 71.4%
Erewash - 68.4%
High Peak - 69.9%

Tory Heather Wheeler gained 22,935 votes in the Derbyshire South seat, and Erewash was won by Conservative Jessica Lee from Labour.

Labour stalwart Dennis Skinner took 21,994 votes in Bolsover, ahead of the Conservative candidate Lee Rowley, who won 10,812.

Labour held Derbyshire North East with Natascha Engel taking 17,948 votes (38.16%).

Derby North was held by Labour's Chris Williamson who took 14,896 votes - 613 votes ahead of Stephen Mold for the Tories.

The Conservatives held Derbyshire Dales with 24,378 votes and Derbyshire Mid with 22,877.

Boundary changes have seen a new constituency of Mid Derbyshire created, which takes in Belper and north Derby.

Some wards in Mid Derbyshire were part of the West Derbyshire constituency, which has since been renamed Derbyshire Dales.

The changes were part of reorganisation by the Boundary Commission for England.

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