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Ex-TV reporter wins Labour seat of Ashfield


'We fought for every vote.' said Ms Piero

Former GMTV reporter Gloria De Piero has defended the Labour seat of Ashfield with fewer than 200 votes.

The breakfast show's former political editor was selected as the Labour candidate after former defence secretary Geoff Hoon stood down.

She took 16,239 votes (33.7%), just 192 ahead of Jason Zadrozny of the Liberal Democrats after a recount.

There was a 17.2% swing from Labour to the Liberal Democrats. Mr Hoon's majority from 2005 was 10,213.

The Conservative candidate Garry Hickton polled 10,698 votes (22.2%).

Liberal Democrat candidate Jason Zadrozny conceded defeat after the recount gave him only 16 extra votes.

He shook hands with Ms De Piero before being called up on to the stage with the other candidates for the result to be formally announced.

It's still a terrific achievement, to come from third to second
Robert Sears-Piccavey, Jason Zadrozny's agent

Ms De Piero blew a kiss to her supporters, who cheered from a corner of the leisure centre's main hall.

She said: "Honestly, I want to help people, I want to stick up for people and make sure they get their fair share.

"I am exhausted but I am extremely pleased that we have a Labour victory here in Ashfield. We have fought for every vote and we have won.

"Now it's about being out on the streets to get those jobs into the area, to get police out on the beat and also breathe new life into our town centres.

"People's priorities are now my priorities."

Robert Sears-Piccavey, Mr Zadrozny's agent, said he was proud the swing the local party had achieved towards the Lib Dems.

'Very close second'

He said: "It's still a terrific achievement, to come from third to second - and a very, very close second at that."

And he added: "For all the people who have voted Conservative, they have got Labour back and that was a big problem in the area.

"They took 11,000 votes and that would have made a massive difference."

Ms De Piero, 37, from Bradford, was selected by Labour from an all-women shortlist to stand in the Nottinghamshire seat

The turnout in Ashfield was 62.3%.

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