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Barrow candidates disagree on Trident

BAE shipyards in Barrow
There are hopes a replacement for Trident could be built in Barrow

The future of Barrow's BAE shipyard has been top of the election agenda in the Cumbrian port.

Many in the town hope the replacement for Britain's submarine-based Trident missile system will be built there.

However, the subject has become a source of disagreement among the candidates for the smaller parties.

The UK Independence Party and BNP candidates would welcome a replacement to Trident, but the Greens and an independent do not want it.

BNP candidate, Mike Ashurner, said: "Other parties are all promising cuts or delays to the Trident programme.

"We'd fully implement all programmes without delay, providing British jobs for British workers in the shipyard for Barrow.

"We'd put local people first for jobs."

'Fantastic business'

Independent candidate, Brian Greaves, said: "We should begin building commercial ships in Barrow again.

"We need to start building ships, planes, tanks, and producing ammunition. A lot of these have been lost to other countries.

"This would regenerate the area with new industries, new expertise."

Christopher Loynes, for the Green Party said: "I do agree with shipbuilding in Barrow, it's a fantastic business, but I do not agree with nuclear weapons.

"Even generals in the army have been saying that we should not be looking at new Trident submarines.

"As an MP I'd be fighting for new jobs and new work for Barrow's shipbuilding industry."

John Smith, for the UK Independence Party said: "For a start we wouldn't cancel Trident.

"We want to see much larger job creation, with a larger manufacturing base.

"We would withdraw from the European Union, but welcome foreign industry to Barrow provided they were going to open factories and employ local people."

Candidates announced for Barrow are:

BNP: Mike Ashburner; Conservative: John Gough; Independent: Brian Greaves; Green: Christopher Loynes; Liberal Democrat: Barry Rabone; UK Independence Party: John Smith; Labour: John Woodcock.

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