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Shropshire candidates' views on Shrewsbury relief road

Artist impression of the proposed north west relief road in Shrewsbury
The relief road would only help a few people, the Labour candidate said

The issue of a Shrewsbury relief road has divided candidates standing in the Shrewsbury and Atcham constituency.

Jon Tandy, Labour's candidate, said he supported the plan but also more integrated public transport too.

Conservative Daniel Kawczynski said no future government would have any money for it and the scheme was not a priority for him.

Charles West, of the Liberal Democrats, said he would not support it without an integrated public transport system.

In a BBC Radio Shropshire debate held on Wednesday, Mr Tandy said: "I think the north-west relief road would relieve traffic but it's only for a minority of people.

"We need an integrated bus and public transport system. At this moment in time I am for it."

Mr Kawczynski, who has held the seat since 2005, said: "I think given the state of the public finances it is not guaranteed that any government of any colour will be forthcoming with this money and I have warned the council to take that into consideration and personally I have said it will not be a priority for me."

Mr West said: "Unless we have an integrated transport solution just at the moment I wouldn't [support the relief road]. But I think it's right and proper for politicians to listen to the people. My opinion is that we need to have a solution, which makes it easy for people to get to Shrewsbury and not drive through it."

• The candidates standing in Shrewsbury and Atcham are: Conservative Party: Daniel Kawczynski; UK Independence Party: Peter Lewis; Labour Party: Jon Tandy; Liberal Democrats: Charles West; Green Party: Alan Whittaker; British National Party: James Whittall.

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