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Green Party's pledge for clean campaign in Liverpool

Tom Crone and Rebecca Lawson
The Green Party is standing in Riverside and Wavertree

Two Green Party candidates standing in Liverpool have urged their rivals to join their pledge to run a "clean" campaign.

Tom Crone, who is standing in Liverpool Riverside, and Rebecca Lawson in Liverpool Wavertree, say they want to campaign "honestly and fairly".

They have contacted the other candidates in their areas, asking them to commit to the same promise.

Mr Crone said he hoped they were "as committed" to clean campaigning.

"We have always believed in campaigning in a positive and informative way, based on our policies, and we hope we can have a mature and respectful political debate at this general election," he added.

Policy focus

Conservative hopefuls for Wavertree and Riverside, Andrew Garnett and Kegang Wu, said they would not be officially signing up to the pledge, but added that they were running a "positive campaign".

"I have no problem with the idea behind the pledge, but I want to focus on policies and issues in Wavertree," Mr Garnett said.

A Labour campaign spokesman said that Luciana Berger, who is standing in the Wavertree ward as previous Labour MP Jane Kennedy is stepping down, said she welcomed the Green Party pledge.

He said she had been victim of "personal attacks".

He added: "Luciana will continue to fight a clean campaign, standing up for her local community on the issues people care about."

Liberal Democrat Colin Eldridge, who also standing in Liverpool Wavertree, said he wanted to see "a clean and honest campaign".

He said: "The Liberal Democrats are the only major party committed to green and environmentally sustainable values.

"The only effect of their intervention is to help Labour who don't share those values."

The other candidates announced so far in Liverpool Wavertree are: Steven McEllenborough, BNP: Neil Miney, UK Independence Party: Kim Singleton, Socialist Labour Party.

The other candidates for Liverpool Riverside are: Louise Ellman, Labour: Richard Marbow, Liberal Democrats: Peter Stafford, British National Party: Phil Taylor, English Democrats.

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