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Selly Oak MP Lynne Jones 'not happy' over candidate

Lynne Jones (BBC Politics Show archive image)
Lynne Jones said there is "no risk of the Tories winning" in Hall Green

A Labour MP who is standing down says she is unhappy with her party's candidate in a Birmingham constituency and has praised a Respect candidate.

Lynne Jones said she would "encourage tactical voting for the person who most shares my values" in Hall Green, where Roger Godsiff is the Labour candidate.

Salma Yaqoob, Respect candidate in Hall Green, said Dr Jones, the Selly Oak MP, would back her campaign.

Mr Godsiff refused to comment over Dr Jones' statement.

'Excellent candidate'

Dr Jones said: "Where there is a straight fight between Labour and the Tories, I call for a Labour vote as there's no way I want to see a Tory government.

"In Hall Green constituency, however, there is no risk of the Tories winning. I am not happy with the endorsement of the Labour candidate...

"Salma Yaqoob is an excellent candidate of great ability who, as a councillor, has shown that she works hard for her constituents. I have a lot of time for her."

Ms Yaqoob said: "Lynne Jones has herself categorically stated in Westminster that she does not endorse Roger Godsiff's candidacy and in fact has made it quite clear that she will be backing my campaign."

Jo Barker, Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate in Hall Green said: "A vote for any party other than the Conservatives is a vote for another five years of Gordon Brown."

Jerry Evans, Liberal Democrat candidate in the constituency said: "Lynne Jones appears to have got her maths wrong.

"She quite rightly says the Tories have no chance in Hall Green, but neither do Respect and Ms Yaqoob."

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